On March 25, BYD Song Plus DM-I was officially launched, as the second mixed model launched this year, BYD Song Plus DM-I can be said to be received. In terms of selling price, BYD Song Plus DM-I is priced at 146,800 yuan to 1.698 million, as the price is lower than the expectations of many people, so the car will become 150,000 explosion models.

About the BYD Song Plus DM-I, let’s take a look. We still start from its appearance, the front face of the front face, the front face is still the recent family front of BYD, the large-sized hexagonal grille is very domineering. The overall round and full shape plus both sides of the sharp headlights also increase the momentum of the front face, and the overall lines are very small, but it is a full and textured design.

The side of the side is also relatively smooth, and the shape is full of safe, the silver trim strip wrapped in the roof and window wraps also played the effect of embellishment and brightening in the overall coloring, and increased visual effects. The shape of the hub is also very domineering, and the whole is very compliant with its SUV needs to shape it.

The interior is more abundant than the design, first in coloring, the color of the interior is very boldly used in various colors, but because the color of the splicing is relatively elegant, so the last come The effect of “demon flowers”, but it is very elegant, this may be the charm of the color. The large-sized central control screen and shifting mechanism on the center console have also added a lot of texture to the interior.

In terms of power, there are two power motors depending on the configuration. The maximum horsepower is 180 ps and 197ps, respectively, with a 110km flagship model, with a hundred kilometers to accelerate only 7.9 seconds, and a hundred kilometers fuel consumption requires 4.5L.

Many people recommend buying the low version of BYD Song Plus DM-I, in fact, it is also a little reasonable, the most intuitive is from the price, the price difference between low match and high match is 20,000 yuan, in fact, it is similar, so There is not much difference in configuration, the biggest difference may be the pure battery life. As a mixed model, it can be charged and can be cheer, it can be safe to make life, so it may be more suitable for most owners.

After the Qin Plus DM-I, can BYD Song Plus DM-I lights up the market? Let us wait and see.

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