2020 charge piles were included in the new infrastructure, the construction window period was shortened, and the charging pile industry is expected to usher in the key development stage. The charging pile policy and subsidies gradually transferred to the operational end, and the increase in operation and profitability will drive the company to obtain a new round of financing, and the decisive factor in the number of charging piles will be promoted by subsidies to the promotion of new energy vehicles. With the help of new infrastructure, the construction speed of charging pile facilities is expected to speed up, and the investment construction scale is expected to reach 18.76 billion yuan in 2025. However, in the business model of the current charging pile, its business model is relatively single, and the profitability is the main problem. So the increase in single pile utilization is an important key factor in improving profitability.

How to seek a sustainable profitability mode? Since the current operators are independent development, they have not been effectively connected to each other. The B-terminal market is still the main profit source of the operator. But the partner model and SaaS platform (SaaS, Software-AS-A-Service (software, service)) is expected to enhance operational profitability. The uneven development uneven development of the charging pile industry ultimately leads to the difficulty of profitability and difficulties in the car owners. It is a historical legacy issue, and it will still harass the entire industry in the short term. Community and company are rechargeable places where owners often have, and DC piles are free to love. There are still 21.7% of users lack awareness of the charging fee project. The charging speed is slow, the number is small and expensive for three major users.

Here Xiaobian recommends carrying out the “Coordination of the Piles”, the synergy of car enterprises and operators will optimize the user experience, improve operational efficiency interconnection: Internet interconnection can effectively solve the charging problem, due to interest allocation, payment interoperability is hindering . The combination of high-power fast charge and order slow recharge system is the development direction of future charging mode. The integration of the scene and the mining of data value will become the focus of operators develop business models and value-added services.

Where V2G (V2G is the abbreviation of VEHICLE-TO-GRID (vehicle to grid). V2G describes the relationship between electric vehicles and grids. When electric cars are not in use, the electric energy of the car battery is sold to the power grid. If the vehicle battery needs to be charged , Current is flowed from the grid to the vehicle.) The energy interconnection between the vehicle and the grid can be reached, and the direction of the future of long-term development is directed.

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