March 23, Geely Auto disclosed 2020 financial report. The financial report shows that in 2020, the company’s operating income reached 9.21 billion yuan, net profit reached 5.57 billion yuan, and the shareholders should account for 5.53 billion yuan, and the fate cash balance was 19 billion.

“In 2020, it is a critical period of Geely Automobile to 4.0 the Times 4.0. It is also a year in which the company is fully transformed into the science and technology direction. In terms of performance, it is comparable to Geely Auto Pre-expectance.” Ji Li Auto Holdings Co., Ltd. President, Executive Director Guiyue said at the performance conference that 2020 is the most difficult year for Geely, but this difficulty is not caused by the rise of the epidemic or raw material, but the development cycle of Geely Auto. . He revealed that in terms of performance, the performance of 2020 Ji Li cars is comparable to the company’s expectations.

It is worth paying attention to the disclosure of the 2020 financial report, Geely Automobile also releases a heavy message to the market, which is established (hereinafter referred to as “极”). It is reported that the top of the Jilly Auto, Geely Holdings Group, focus on the development of prospective technology of intelligent electric travel.

Directors of Geely Automobile Group, Executive Director of Geely Automotive Holdings Co., Ltd., CEO CEO Form a multi-cross-border team to create a high-end trend technology brand, and promote the transformation and upgrading of China Automotive Industry.

More diversified profit structure

Financial report showed that 2020 Geely automobile operating income reached 92.1 billion yuan, net profit was 5.57 billion RMB, and shareholders should account for 5.53 billion yuan.

Li Donghui, vice chairman and executive director of Geely Holding Group CEO, Geely Automobile Holdings Co., Ltd., said that Geely Cars are at the stage of transition from 3.0 products to 4.0 era, and the profitability of 3.0 products has declined, but in fact Since the second half of 2020, the 4.0 products of Geely Automobile have begun to force.

It is reported that in the second half of 2020, with the sale of intelligent products in Geely Automobile 4.0, sales rose by 49% from the year, and the income rose by 50%, and the net profit rose 40%.

It is worth paying attention to the full-year performance performance, the profit structure of Geely Automobile becomes more diversified, and the cash level is also good. Financial report showed that in 2020, the end of Geely Automotive Final Cash reached 19 billion. While maintaining stability, Geely also adheres to high-level R & D investments to accelerate transformation to intelligent electric travel technology companies.

“Science and Technology Ecology” blueprint

The financial report shows that in 2020, even if it was in the influence of the epidemic, Geely Motors still maintained its continued investment in R & D, accumulating 48 billion, in the industry’s high level. It is reported that in the past ten years, the total investment of Geely Holdings Group has exceeded 100 billion yuan.

In fact, after years of research and development investment, Geely Motors have mastered core capabilities in the intelligent network, highly automatic driving, three-power system, energy service system.

In fact, in the era of big changes in a hundred years, only technical capabilities do not mean the absolute advantage. The overall change in the automotive industry is opening the time window for the adjustment of the industrial chain and the expansion of the ecosystem.

For this reason, Geely Holdings Group is also committed to building a “scientific and technological ecology” system, with inclusive attitude, incubation technology unicorn companies, can also achieve “card neck” while enhancing the company’s electric car brand Breakthroughs in technology, comprehensively help the development of the blue Geely Action Plan. In 2021, Geely formed two blue Geely Action Plan in 2021 based on the change of the global automotive industry. Keep Geely in intelligent energy saving and new energy vehicle sector, and develops new intelligent pure electric vehicles.

Established pure electric company to practice carbon neutralization

At this performance communication meeting, Geely Motor has just announced that the establishment of pure electric company has become the focus of media attention. The publication shows that the total investment of Geely Automobiles and Geely Holdings Group, with 51%, 49%, respectively, and the planned cash invested is 2 billion yuan. Li Shufu, chairman of Geely Holding Group, will serve as the chairman of the blood, And Cong Hui will go to the CEO.

It is worth paying attention to the development of prospective technology in accordance with the planning and extreme rypton focus, the first model is based on the SEA vast intelligent evolutionary experience architecture, and the new car will be opened and will be delivered in the fourth quarter. It is expected that in the next five years, the blood will have new products in the market every year.

In fact, the layout of Geely Holdings in the electricity level has begun to take shape, and the geometric brand has got a certain amount of sound in the market. What is the difference between the establishment of the company? What is the difference between the geometry brand? Why is a new pure electric company at this time?

In this regard, Geely Automotive Related people replied that the geometric brand is the exploration and attempt of Geely in the new energy vehicle market. In the past few years, certain gains have been achieved, but they have not fully grasped market opportunities. Next, the geometry will continue to develop around the original market positioning, and do not exclude the possibility of using the vast architecture internally uniform, and does not exclude the possibility of entering the genus. In addition, the geometric positioning is popular, and the tenshal is a high-end route, and the two will form differentiated competition, and value value for users in their respective segments. Guisheng Yue said, the reason why it is necessary to launch a pole, it is entirely necessary to practice “new four” trends with a kind of thinking of the Internet. In his opinion, the company has the advantage of scale and group combat, which is essentially different from the new vehicle forces in the automotive industry.

In fact, in addition to hope that the new situation in the intelligent pure electric vehicle field is also intelligent, Geely Motors are also actively practicing carbon peaks, carbon, and contribute to global response to climate change.

Gui Jingshao emphasizes that the product of Geely Auto New Company is the spot is not futures, and the blood is based on technology route, synergistic effect.

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