As the first vehicle that the Volkswagen MEB platform is officially listed in China, ID.4’s importance is self-evident. Volkswagen id.4 blows the number of the massive electrical transformation, the two-line attack in the north and south mass, which is very fierce, and it is determined to see the discovery of the popularity of the Volkswagen Group.

Distance March 20 FAW – Volkswagen ID.4 Crozz officially launched less than one week, SAIC’s public ID.4 X is also officially launched. On March 25th, SAIC Volkswagen ID.4 X was officially listed, and the new car launched a total of 6 models. The price range of 19.9888-27.2888 million yuan was launched.

There is no doubt that the electrical transformation of the mass group is much faster than many people, ID.4 is the key to the massive electrification transformation. So, what is the strength of the new car, can you get a place in the electric car market?

Subverse appearance

From the look, ID.4 X is a “new public” that really distinguishes to the fuel car in the past, saying that it is “subverting”.

ID.4 x uses ID. Family-designed language, upper grille adopts new closed design, headlights and front bumper lines outline X-type, cooperate with the unique new Volkswagen flattened LOGO, highlight electric car Dynamic style.

On the side of the body, the new car’s line is very lack of natural, the two-color vehicle body is full, and the car is echoing with the front face. The penetration LED lamps is naturally connected to both sides of the 3D LED lamp group. Photo chrome trim strips improve the motion of the whole vehicle.

It is worth mentioning that id.4 x uses a semi-hidden door handle design. It is not only high, but it has retained mechanical operation mode compared to full hidden handles, and it is more reliable. When encountering extreme weather, it can also be opened to open the door, which is very thoughtful.

In terms of the body size, the new car length is 4612/1852 / 1640mm, and the wheelbase is 2765 mm. It is a compact pure electric SUV of “big body”. If you consider the whole family travel, such a large space compact SUV obviously Bitesla Model 3 is more practical, and the comfort is better.

Interior “big is not the same”

Enter the car, 5.3-inch LCD dashboard and 12-inch central control LCD screen instantly let id.4 x are not only the same as the conventional public.

Although the interior design of the new car looks very simple, there is no doubt that the popular style, especially the large-sized suspended central control, the technology is straight, multi-color atmosphere light, so that the cabin is overall , Full of exercise.

Moreover, the new car is not only very popular in the car, but also does not lose the comfort of the Volkswagen fuel car. It is very solid. It is basically a soft material. It has also added a color decorative strip on the central console, so that the entire interior is It’s more young.

It is worth mentioning that in order to meet the preferences of the Chinese people, the public has improved ID.4 X’s driver hardware, from power to memory capacity, with intelligent charging services, based on Gao De Map Navigation, remote control of the Internet, the interconnection of vehicles, cars and smart appliances. This is the “special car” of the Chinese people.

Excellent driving

In terms of power, ID.4 x uses a three-dimensional lithium battery, providing 57.3kWh and 83.4kWh of battery capacity and three battery life, and the composite work condition is 402km, 555km, 520km.

In terms of actual driving experience, ID.4 X’s driving texture is excellent, hanging into the D-Diles to step on the electric pin pedal, the acceleration of the first paragraph is different from the previous paragraph of the previous electric car, Id.4 x More is Delicate and soft power output.

It is worth mentioning that id.4 x is equipped with B in the gear switch, which is to force power recovery. In this mode, the power recovery of ID.4 X is not very strong, this is unexpected, it is worth a big difference.

In terms of NVH, ID.4 X is basically not heard in the car because there is no fuel engine. When driving, the engine noise is basically not hear in the car, and the control of tire noise and pathoise is also excellent. It can be said that id.4 has the tranquility of transcendence of general Volkswagen fuel models.

Is it worth buying?

When consumers no longer expect to use mobile phones to cook walnuts, Nokia has collapsed overnight. The traditional fuel giants like the public also subvert themselves, adding the camp of electrified transformation, ID.4 comes.

As a typical traditional car enterprise, which is “difficult to turn around”, the public is very difficult, ID.4 is delivered, indicating that the prelude to electric vehicles replacing the fuel car is already opened, but also let consumers are full of public. look forward to.

Overall, id.4 x has subversive color, excellent interior, smart car, excellent driving experience, and very cost-effective price, will capture more in new energy auto market Young consumer group. Especially for those relatively conserved consumers, Volkswagen ID.4 X provides a more appropriate choice.

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