On March 25, BYD Song Plus DM-I was listed. This time, BYD launched two two models of two models, which were priced at a subsidy of 14.68-16.98 million yuan, which was at least 6,000 yuan per priced than the previous sale price of $ 15.38-17.58 million.

At the same time, from now until June 30, 2021, the purchase of the car can also enjoy the 6 or 150,000 kilometers of vehicle warranty, the first owner (non-operation) three-electric lifelong warranty.


Netizen’s evaluation: true fragrance

This is the second model with BYD DM-I super mixing technology, and since the debut is concerned about many tram owners. Especially this Song Plus DM-I has broken through 110 kilometers, and the version also supports 18kW DC fast charge, which is a small temptation to some owners.

On the evening of the 25th, I sent the price and configuration of Song Plus DM-I to the “Electric Vehicle Association”, and everyone’s evaluation is this:

Even a owner of Qin Plus DM-I was ordered before, decided to unsubscribe, and transferred to the Song Plus DM-I. Another Han EV owner also said that to convince her lady to turn the order into a top version.

Such a unified new car listed feedback, which is extremely rare in the “Electric Vehicle Association” community. Even in 2021, there have been many new models on the new energy market, such as the ID.4 of the South and South, the Marvel R of the SAIC R Car, but this is our first time. Unified feedback.

There are also some wonderful comments under the official Weibo of BYD:

What kind of car is this?

Next, we will talk about this car in three aspects of color value, configuration, and power.


High value, long axis

Compact SUV is not “compact”

Zhang Zhuo, General Manager of BYD E Net Sales Division, talked at the on-site, which is a colorful car.

In recent years, in the design of the inner, BYD heavy gold has built the top styling interior design team. The core members have previously responsible for the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Dienda, and the former Audi Design Director Wolfgang Josef Egger, and the two now are the Global Design of BYD, and BYD.

Wolfgang Josef EGGER entered BYD in the past few years, based on Chinese traditional dragon elements for BYD designing the “Dragon Face” design language. At present, BYD’s best-selling Han model is the most typical representative, and the Song series model is also designed.

Specifically, Song Plus DM-I is basically consistent with the design style of the Song fuel version, but some details have changed, especially the front face.

Director Li Yue, Li Yue, director of Song Song, Song, Song, BYD, said that this is a predecessor with tension, and he uses two words of “driving” and “passion”. Song PLUS DM-I front face still uses a new polygonal intake diamond type grille design, but the area is larger than the fuel version, and partial black treatment is added around.

The sideways and tails are consistent with the fuel plate.

In terms of the body size, the length of the Song Plus DM-I is 4705 * 1890 * 1680mm, and the wheelbase is 2765mm. Although the compact SUV is positioned, this 2765mm wheelbase significantly exceeds other models of the same level, closer to the B-class car.

Similarly, the interior style of the Song Plus DM-I is also basically consistent with the fuel version, but it has also increased the exclusive color of the blue + Cangshi ash.

The center consolidated table is still a multi-layer suspended design style, steering wheel, storage space, and air-conditioned air outlets reflect the suspension concept. Song PLUS DM-I high-profile models are equipped with a 12.3-inch control screen, which can be rotated in horizontal and low-profile. The whole model also standards the ultra-fiber leather seat, and the rear seat can also be 4/6, and the trunk volume is added to some extent, and the spatial use is also added.

Specific interior equipment can be seen below:


Song PLUS DM-I model 3 highlights:

High configuration, high performance, low energy consumption

However, the highlight of this car is configuration and power.

First come to see the configuration.

First, Song Plus DM-I is equipped with the Dilink3.0 intelligent network system with Han, with the following functions:

Among them, the DILINK smart network system will continue to upgrade, and the specific function may differ from this configuration table. Some functions are implemented through third-party APPs. For details, please use the real car or the latest Dilink system version. 4G traffic also has certain restrictions, the whole model can enjoy 2 years of cloud service, 2 years 4G traffic, 5GB per month.

Second, security, Song PLUS DM-I is equipped with AEB-CCR automatic emergency brake system, AEB-VRU pedestrian identification / protection system, TJA traffic congestion assist system, ACC-S & G stopped full-speed self-adaptive cruise system and LDWS lane Offset from the warning system, etc..

At the same time, it also has TSR traffic sign identification, RCTA reversing horizontal warning, BSD blind spot detection, RCW rear-end warning, DOW open door warning, etc., reduce potential driving risks. Third, Song Plus DM-I is also part of the comfortable and convenient design. For example, it can be used to unlock the mobile NFC car key. Users can unlock the vehicle near the mobile phone close to the main drive, even if the mobile phone sharing, no Electric, no signal does not affect.

However, it should be noted that the mobile NFC car key requires the mobile phone to have NFC functions, and mobile phone manufacturer authorizes the related functions of BYD car to enable mobile phones. Specific mobile phone models that support this feature can query local authorized dealers. At present, Huawei and Xiaomi mobile phones have authorized.

Secondly, in terms of power, Song PLUS DM-I uses the power assembly of 云–pply special 1.5L high-efficiency engines + EHS. BYD officially describes the performance of the Song Plus DM-I in “Fast”, “Shun”, “Steady”, “Quasi-Que”.


1. “Fast” is reflected in engine torque and motor power.

Song PLUS DM-I two different battery models are equipped with 1.5L natural gas, the maximum power is 81KW, the maximum torque is 135N · m, and the difference is expressed on the motor.

Among them, the maximum torque of the 110 kilometers of battery models is 325 N · m. The maximum power of the motor is 145KW, and the motor is 100 kilometers can reach 7.9 seconds.

The maximum torque of the 51 kilometers of battery models is 325 N · m. The maximum power of the motor is 132KW, and the motor is 100 kilometers can reach 8.5 seconds.

2, “Shun” refers to the smoothness, which is related to the EHS Mixing System of Song Plus DM-I.

The EHS-mix system is the core component of the DM-I mixed system of BYD. The EHS system is mainly composed of a motor, a gear set, a clutch, and a control computer, a total of EV, HEV series, HEV parallel, and the engine direct drive four control modes. among them:

(1) The EV mode refers to the driving mode of battery power when it is poor.

(2) HEV series means that when the battery is low, the driving mode is driven by the generator power generation to drive the motor.

(3) The HEV parallel mode means that when driving, it is necessary to drive the wheel and electrical energy simultaneously.

(4) Engine direct drive mode, only the engine works alone.

However, in the normal driving state, the driver does not need to active operation, which is controlled by the vehicle according to its own situation, and the driver does not even know the specific working mode.

3, “stable” is reflected in the stability of chassis. Song Plus DM-i chassis is adjusted by Hansk Kirk, Chief Chassis, BYD, while maintaining a smart driving experience and excellent economy, the transient response performance of the whole vehicle is also significantly improved, and the lateral incurrence is remarkable. It is excellent in handling.

4, “quasi” means the accuracy of the control. BYD said in the introduction that the Song Plus DM-I elk trial passed the speed of the car speed ≥76km / h, the leading model of the same level market.

Finally, low energy consumption, economics is another highlight of this car.

BYD officially stated that 51 kilometers of endurance models were in a loss of money, and the lowest fuel consumption per 100 kilometers reached 4.4L. 110 kilometers of endurance models in the loss, the lowest fuel consumption per 100 kilometers can reach 4.5L. In addition, the 110-kilometer battery model also supports 18KW DC fast charge, and the power is charged from 30% to 80% to be 30 minutes.

The above is the main model of Song Plus DM-I.


Can Song PLUS DM-I become explosive?

This is also some questions that focus on BYD’s new energy riders.

The multiplier data shows that in February, the sales volume sales volume is 16,000, an increase of 737.5% year-on-year, accounting for 16% of the total sales volume of new energy vehicles. It can be seen that the market in pluggable model is in growth, and the compact pluggable SUV market competition is more fierce.

At present, Geely Star Yue, SAIC Roewe RX5, Guangqi New Energy GS4 is the popular models in this segment.

Among them, Roewe RX5 performance is good for two months this year. The data of the first electric network research has shown that the total sales volume of Roewe RX5 in January and February is 3,698, and after the ideal one, the second is ranked second on the entire plug SUV market.

It can be seen that Roewe RX5 is bound to be the enemy of Song Plus DM-I.

What is the sales performance after the Song Plus DM-I listing? Can you become a burst model? “Electric Vehicle User Alliance” will continue to pay attention to the report.

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