In the automotive society, freedom of travel should not be a male exclusive, women should also enjoy their travel freedom.

There are many cars for men to design, but cars designed for women, but they can be numbered. Number, there is no other classic fuel gik, MINI, Fiat 500, etc., suitable for women’s electric cars, less.

The emergence of Euler is a good cat, breaking this situation.

As a pure electric car positioned in small cars, Eli Cats have a deep value of the appearance and the inner ornament.

In terms of product details, Euler’s good cat fare is full of women, sincerity and effect are full.

On March 24th, Hainan Wanning in the scenic resort, “Electric Car Observer” test drive.

In addition to the value, the product details and intelligent function will also be a killer of women. An electric car world is a traffic, which is born.


Retro routine looks

The value of Euli Yellow Cat is definitely a kind of ability to capture a small sister.

Although allocated to our test drive, it is a variety of colorful colors and many interior colors, a more ordinary one – a native beige appearance with black interior, but this does not cover the European Cat Competitiveness in the color.

Retro tidefang, is the design tone of Eule good cat. In the front part of the front, two round headlights, to accurately position Euchi Cat in retro models. But above the retro, the good cat’s head design, through the two boys on the front cell cover, and the change of the circular light set, put the modern sports car design element into it, so that Euler’s good cat can be in retro and trend. There is a combination.

On the side of the body, the most worthy of the 18-inch hub assigned by the car, the large wheel hub cooperates with a low suspension, which is very attractive. If the consumer is willing to pay some costs for the value, you can also choose the version of the two-color body, the value of the side of the body will be further improved.

The tail of a good cat, a slightly coupled to the design, slightly, but this does not affect the visual feeling that it is more resistant to the same level.

In terms of interior, we were assigned to test drive as monochrome interior, compared to models of coloring interiors, vision impact slightly. But the interiors of good cats and detail are designed, or it is worthy of praise.

The tried drive’s center console is wrapped in a soft material, and it has a fur-like feeling.

The seating of Euli Cats uses a diamond-shaped style, which is the same as the handbrapping lines used by many female consumers.

On the door panel, the rhombus design style that is loved by female consumers is also used.

As the main model of the main female consumers, in the appearance of the appearance of the appearance, Euli Cat can be described as sincerity, winning women’s favor.

In terms of functional design, Euler’s good cat is also good performance.


Good cat will not be spoken by girlfriends

Compared with the color of the eye, the functional configuration of the Eule hooks needs to be carefully tasted to see the manufacturer’s care for female consumers.

On the functional detail level, the function of the women’s consumer is the function of the heart, should be the seat heating and massage.

Euli Cat supports the front row of main co-driver seat heating function, which is the just need to be configured for female owners in the northern region. On this this, the Euler’s Cat also supports the main driving seat massage, allowing the driver to eliminate the tired time of travel.

In addition, the Outton’s main driving seat supports 3 conventional seat memory functions, with Application, and can also remember the 6 groups of daily driving sites according to the owner ID.

For daily female driving, occasionally need other people driving, the seat memory function can greatly save the time of adjusting the seat.

When the female owner and the girlfriend are far away, they are looking for poems and distant, and the seat memory function can save the time of the female master and the girlfriends.

Another worthy function of Euli Cat is the design of storage space and details.

In terms of conventional storage space, 3 bottles of beverages can be placed on each door panel of Euler cats.

In front of the terrace, there are two cups for placing the water cup, in the middle of the rear, the central armrest, the same, there are two cup holders.

These tentacles can be used when the owner needs to place milk tea, coffee and other paper cup drinks, can be used.

In front of the deputy driving, the euartan color cat’s designer is arranged for hooks for the objects such as hanging plastic bags. For the owner, this is a good location that hangs with the handbag.

Similar to a secondary driving hook, there are many detail designs for women’s needs.

For example, a large-size co-pilot glove box, you can put a pair of flat shoes used in driving.

The back row function design of the Eulu hook cat is equally good.

The rear row of all the flat, even if the female owner is full of girlfriends, it will not let the feet of the passengers in the back of the passengers.

The trunk space of the Euli Cat, is not big in the same level, but can meet everyday use.

During this test drive, a good cat’s trunk put four adult’s carry-on backpacks, as well as about 7 bags of fruits, still have margins.

The color level is unique. The product details are intimate, but these seem to be not enough to make women consumers to buy a good cat.

Intelligent, is a kind of killing of a good cat.


Automatic parking rescue female driver

It is difficult for women who are not willing to drive. Ou Lot’s good cat APA automatic parking function, or can solve this problem.

In the test drive, we have experienced the automatic parking function of Euler’s good cat.

Electric travel

Euli Cat automatic parking light experience

Video number

From the actual experience, Euler’s good cat has greatly reduced the operation steps when using automatic parking functions, and can be turned on via voice. According to the manufacturer engineer, follow-up will also increase the automatic identification of the parking space by upgrading to skip the voice start link, so that the owner is more likely to use automated parking.

On the implementation details of the automatic parking, Euler’s good cat is more simply moving, and a wheel can stop in a parking space. At the same time, in the automatic parking process, it can also be intervened in the brake. After the brakes can continue, the automatic parking can continue to avoid the misjudgment of the sensor identification, and on the other hand, it also enhances the experience.

In fact, it is not only an automatic parking function, and the European style cat is in intelligence, it can be described as an armed to teeth.

In all aspects of the smart vehicle system, through the empowerment of coffee, the Chinese control screen of the Euli Yigang can play video content such as iQiyi, shake, and support speech recognition. Of course, routine features such as navigation, mobile phones are equally unparalleled.

It is worthy of the ADAS, high-order intelligent auxiliary driving system, Euler’s good cat is a leader in the same price model.

The Euli Cat is equipped with a Mobileye Eye Q4 chip that is used in more than 300,000 yuan to support L2 +-level intelligent auxiliary driving.

On the sensor hardware level, ELO is equipped with 12 ultrasonic radar, 2 millimeter waveradades, and 6 HD perceived cameras, support GPS, and Beidou dual system positioning.

On the functional level, Euli Cat supports an adaptive cruise, lane-in-law, and intelligent driving assistance system.

On this basis, Euler’s good cat is also independently developed with wisdom dodge function. When with big trucks, the Euler’s good cat will make dynamic adjustment, so that the vehicle is far from big trucks.

Intelligent configuration, for consumers, often some unfamiliar, but intelligent configurations belong to functionality, and no longer inseparable.

As the main model of the main female consumers, the ELE Cat is not embarrassed in the intelligent configuration. I believe that in the course of the female owner, I can feel the intelligence of a good cat.


Don’t take three yuan or iron lithium

Euler is 400 km and 500 kilometers of two battery life. The 501 kilometers of renewal models use a three-dimensional lithium battery pack with a battery capacity of 60KWH.

At the time of listing, a good cat is 400 kilometers, only a lithium iron phosphate model is sold. However, due to the issue of production capacity of Ningde, there is a problem that the lithium iron phosphate version of the good cat is difficult.

At present, the official of Eura has pushed 400 kilometers of three-yuan battery models to alleviate the supply and demand tensions.

After the push, the price of 400 kilometers of models remains unchanged, but consumers can choose in three-dimensional lithium and lithium iron phosphate battery models.

The three yuan is selected or lithium iron phosphate is a problem that makes consumers anxiety. The three-way battery is better in winter, and the battery safety of lithium iron phosphate batteries is better.

According to Ou La official staff, the owner of the three yuan and lithium iron phosphate batteries is currently selected, each of which is one-third, and one-thirds are not focused on the type of battery material.

In this regard, we recommend that users in the northern area prefer to choose a three-yuan battery model to deal with cold winter.

In many aspects of color value, product details, intelligence, etc., after the hard strength of leading competitors, Euler’s good cat wins the favor of female consumers, should not be a problem.

After adding 400 kilometers of three-yuan battery models, the delivery speed of Euler’s good cat will also increase.

For fans who like Ease, they are free to go to their own travel freedom and further.


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