Time is back to 2012, at each time, China’s sales have also occupied Skoda’s global sales of 1/4, China has become the largest sales market in Skoda. Skoda high-level clearly said that Skoda brand has reached an unprecedented level of development and look forward to a future future.

The main model of supporting Skoda in China is Octavia.

Official information shows that Mingrui is the first product of SAIC Volkswors, listed in 2007, is also the best-selling star product in Skoda, but also label products in the Chinese market.

Time flies, China’s auto market is developing, SAIC Volkswage Skoda is also increasing in Chinese consumers, in order to provide more advantageous products to Chinese consumers, SAIC Volkswagen Skoda has been exploring the improvement of Octavia, in the new year The launch of Mingrui PRO.

On March 9, 202, SAIC Skoda’s new Octavia PRO debuted in the Chinese market. This car is Octavia’s latest generation of products. It is based on the new eighth-generation sedan platform for Volkswagen Group. SAIC Volkswagen Skoda is very high, will It is defined as a milestone of brand rejuvenation, and the new product competitiveness of the Skoda sedan will be constructed in the future.

It is worth mentioning that although Ming Rui is a global model of Skoda brand, the new Octavia PRO is a product with obvious Chinese market, which is more in line with the design level of Chinese consumer aesthetics compared to overseas version. Meet the overall product force of “upgrade requirements” in the Chinese market.

Inspire the market, design

At present, Chinese consumers must have started from the design. When the new generation consumers have become the main force of automobile consumption, their aesthetics have been greatly different. Simple summary is that Chinese young people prefer sports, wide Exquisite car products.

SAIC Volkswagen Skoda is based on these China’s special aesthetic needs, and the new Octavia PRO is “replaced”, which presents different styles with overseas models.

Chinese people like longer body, this is not a secret, and the new Octavia PRO is the first to extend the axial distance. Data show, compared to overseas version of the new Octavia, the new Octavia PRO wheelbase extends 44mm, reaching 2730mm, this is ahead of the same type, plus 4753mm / 1832mm / 1469mm body size, completely in line with domestic users Demand of big space.

This is very difficult. To know, Skoda model is spacious than the same case in Europe, so few more products that introduce domestic products, this new Octavia PRO breaks the practice, it is the self-improvement of SAIC Volkswors It is enough to highlight the new thinking of the Skoda’s Chinese market.

Of course, the growth of the new Octavia PRO body can give Chinese consumers in front of the feeling, but truly let the young people “heart”, undoubtedly, Skoda’s improvement in its overall color value.

The new Octavia PRO is inheriting the aesthetic heritage of Skoda, shaping a new exquisite crystal design, when the three-dimensional light shadow is gearing the car body, it is more young, dynamic, more passionate gesture, more in line with the domestic young users. Aesthetic demand.

It is particularly worth mentioning that the domestic new Octavia PRO uses the model of the new generation of Mingrui performance version of the RS model, rather than the Ming Rui, so it can see the obvious RS characteristics in it.

From the front face, the new Octavia PRO creates a very aggressive expression with both sharp sharp “L” stereo decoration, and then cooperate with the honeycomb junk grille and exterior chrome-plated trim strip, the sense of motion is more prominent. . At the same time, the new Octavia PRO applied 3D drill LED headlights, highlighting the unique exclusive temperament, which also made it more obvious, full of technology and futurism.

There is still a significant manifestation of the RS style of the new Octavia PRO. It is the rear bumper. It has been used through the reflection sheet. On both sides are chrome-plated tail pipe styles, and the RS style tail diffuser is also arranged, not only the strong Sports breath, it is also very textured.

The other is the RS style three-shift steering wheel, the new Mingrui PRO’s flat design three-spoke steering wheel multifunctional area is separated by chrome-plated decorative dissection, and the integrated function control buttons on both sides are controlled by metal rollers. .

It can be said that the new Octavia PRO has a new style of the RS style front face, the RS style rear bumper and the RS style three-shot steering wheel, which presented a very sports-style product, which may be Skoda. A significant performance of brand increasingly – lived, is the greatest respect for young people.

Of course, although the new Octavia PRO draws on the design of the overseas version of the RS model, it is not to move, but is based on the improvement of China.

For example, the overseas version of the RS model has adopted a smoked design, and the new Octavia PRO adds chrome-plated decoration; such as the new Octobi PRO adopted by the “Nebula Blue” and “Energy Orange” body color, all the unique color colors in China. For more than, for example, the new Octavia PRO has increased to the cockpit, and its suspended streamer is incorporated into the surrounding crystal stream, not only highlights the beauty of the rhythm, but also increases the technology of the car seat.

SAIC Volkswagen’s understanding of Chinese young people may be much more than the imagination. Through the new Octavia PRO, Chinese young people see the inheritance of Skoda Crystal Aesthetics, seeing SAIC Volksworth Skoda for sports Mastering, what is more, the new Octavia Pro is close to the pace of young age, this is a car product that belongs to Chinese young people. Comprehensive improvement, “picky” is no longer difficult

As in the industry, Chinese young people are actually “picky” because they must not only have excellent design, but also have an abundant power performance and front-end technology configuration, which is the perfect car product in their hearts.

How to do it? SAIC Volkswed Skoda is fully met with new Octavia Pro.

In power performance, the new Octavia Pro-full standard standard 1.4T high-power engine + stand-alone suspension, where the post suspension is upgraded to a multi-link independent suspension, not only gives a better dynamic balance, but also ensures Pure German manipulation experience. It should be noted that the overseas version of the model start model is a 1.0T engine, and only 2.0T four-wheel drive version of the model is equipped with independent suspension before and after, this is a problem, that is, Skoda pays attention to the Chinese market.

In the scientific and technological configuration, as the product of the new eighth-generation car platform, the new Octavia PRO adopts the latest digital architecture platform, with 360 ° precision digital vision, high sensation, Bank protection system, the public 3.0 intelligent scene driving assisted three major systems, Create “Sensitive Sensing”; Controlled by 12.1 inch multi-touch LCD in vector, fully equipped interactive wisdom network system, digital touch, gesture operation, multi-dimensional interaction 4 screen interconnection and W-HUD head display system, interpretation ” Exquisite intuitional interconnection.

This is the best answer given by SAIC Volkswors.

In many consumer eyes, the introduction of the joint venture brand will definitely be better than the overseas version, but the new Octavia PRO is launched, in fact, an attitude is that the Chinese market is very important, Chinese consumers are important, SAIC Skoda is willing Provide the best products to the best Chinese consumers, let young Chinese consumers can see the best Skoda brand.

The definition of PRO, never just product

It can be seen that the new Octavia PRO has been in full upgrade in design, space, scientific and technological configuration, power and other aspects, even in contrasting the overseas models are also added, this is to enter the domestic A +-level market, will definitely reach the market pattern. Division, perhaps the status of SAIC Volksworth Kodak in the A +-level market.

But it is also clear that the new Octavia PRO is not just the improvement of the product, in fact, also represents Skoda brand has opened a new journey.

“We hope to be able to re-pass the Skoda brand, through it makes Skoda’s brand positioning is more clear.” Jia Mingjun, deputy general manager of SAIC’s sales and market executive, Jia Ming, General Manager Shanghai Shangqi Volkswagen Sales Co., Ltd., said. This also shows that the new Octavia PRO has been given a very important strategic significance, its performance is related to the future development of Skoda, which is related to how the entire brand of Skoda is more focused on product development.

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