With the development of the times, the advancement of technology, our life is more convenient, single from the automotive field, now people’s driving is more simple, from manual to automatic block, then automatically block unmanned driving Technology, car intelligence has become the necessary road to the development of the automotive industry. The intelligence of the car not only improves convenience, but also improves comfort, such as looking up, voice interaction, etc., the owner does not need to be a good pro, only need to drive this one.

Speaking of smart cars, Tesla is an absolute faucet brand, some saying that Tesla’s success is because it is the pioneer of electric vehicles, but in fact Tesla’s intelligence is the root cause of Tesla. Whether it is battery technology, or Tesla’s drone technology, it is a leading position worldwide. Moreover, the smart car itself will record the habit of the owner. For example, what kind of seat position is like the owner, like to listen to what song, often give the phone can be customized.

For the intelligent configuration of the car, it is necessary to feel a good thing. With the improvement of intelligence, whether it is driving or take a car, it seems to be more and more enjoyable. But is this true? Or do you have some hidden dangers?

Recently, there is news that Tesla is prohibited from entering part of our government, because Tesla is too much intelligent equipment, such as sensors, cameras, etc., potential stealing privacy. In fact, this is not difficult to understand, because such things are abroad, even if Mask said that there will be such a thing, but he can’t really stop such things.

In fact, intelligent equipment will have a privacy crisis, not only in the car, there is also such a risk in electronic devices such as mobile phones. However, intelligent development is not there therefore restrictions, and humans require advances in science and technology. At the same time, scientific and technological progress has also been promoted to social progress, technology, and intelligence brings more than just enjoy this simple. Therefore, it is absolutely unable to look at intelligently more realistic. Instead, you should find other ways to limit your smart equipment to privacy, is what you want to do in the future intelligent car industry chain.

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