Just a recent CCTV 315 party, there is a report on privacy leaks, that is, a CClean bathroom, BMW 4S shop, etc. Installed facial recognition camera, collects a massive face information, users do not know, use unknown.

It is reported that due to the sensors such as the camera, there is information security hidden danger, the leader of the smart car – Tesla is banned in some sensitive departments in China, and the same case has often heard of foreign countries, although Tesla CEO Mask, said that the vehicle is not used for espionage, but the vehicle will collect information is not doubtful.

Tesra owner’s arrogant sentinel mode, actually a invisible monitoring camera, but also even with the network’s camera, it is not important to collect data to do anything, it is, it is true that this does have real Safety vulnerabilities and hidden dangers.

Tesra Auto has also been banned by some places, but it is because there is suspicion of their power battery safety, worrying about safety accidents such as fire.

Many other car companies also have similar functions like Tesla, but Tesla is the leader of the industry, with the most intelligent automotive technology, with the continuous rise of sales, plus as a soil-owned US car company identity, may Privacy risk is extremely high.

Regarding information security vulnerabilities, there is another thing, that is, the Monitor camera of Tesla Factory has been invaded by hackers, and the factory inside the factory is almost open.

The trend of the trend has brought more convenient and abundant car life, such as the automatic driving function brought by the whole vehicle sensor, call the phone in the middle control screen, and the car recommended songs according to the owner’s mood.

In the past two years, we always need to check a privacy note when we install and use all kinds of applications. The content of the long story is estimated to read in detail, but the user needs to agree to the collection information.

For privacy leaks, there was a surprised thing that had experienced personnel: Casually chat with friends about physical health and fitness, and after some software and applications, similar recommended advertising information, thinking about it.

Although I am now open is a Toyota budget car, but because the driver has established Bluetooth connections with the mobile phone, you will prompt the mobile phone address book to be uploaded and updated each time.

And the driving recorder you spend money, although it is used to prevent possible vehicle collision disputes, but the parking monitoring function, almost all the car before the car, passing by people, etc.

Of course, because the vehicle does not have a networked function, even if the vehicle collected a lot of information, it is relatively safe for the owner.

Today, smart cars, so little said, at least there is a function of network interconnection; however, there are many cameras inside and outside the car, and the car is used for automatic driving assistance systems, the car is used to monitor the driver. Fatigue driving, or a simple car camera function.

Regardless of the phone or the car, for self-privacy protection, users can say is weak, after all, if they do not open the relevant function, do not agree to be obtained, we can’t use more intelligent applications.

For more ordinary users, perhaps these privacy is not so eager to protect, but for specific places, or specific personnel, it is especially important for privacy protection.

At the moment, the era of all things, the surveillance cameras on the road and public places are everywhere, and more frequently use network technology, almost makes big data companies to understand themselves than us.

We may not be able to isolate yourself outside this intelligent era, but our mobile phones and vehicles must guarantee the privacy data collected, except for the optimization experience, is not used for any other purpose.

Although the event is not related, the United States, the United States and other countries use the need to have a needed charge, and China has disabled Huawei communication equipment, but China seems to run everywhere, but the relevant data center is in the United States Tesla.

In that year, Google finally retracted the Chinese market, and Apple moved the server to the cloud in Guizhou. If Tesla is only staying in the verbal guarantee, far is not enough, we will continue to pay attention to Tesla will choose to choose?

In the long run, with the development of the network of vehicles, smart cars will become more popular, and the privacy leakage problem caused by vehicle-related functions will be increasingly serious.

Perhaps users ‘privacy cannot be the Lord themselves, but relevant laws, regulations and ourselves should also work together with the times, and maximize the protection of users’ privacy is not used for other harmful purposes.

Exterior, although Huawei strong denies yourself to make a car, the network of networks in the Chinese market may be in the future, it is a great possibility that it is a Huawei.

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