Since BYD launched a model model, whether it is a new energy model or fuel models, many models such as Tang, Han and Song have been popular with the market. As the future development trend, new energy vehicles have been attached importance to major manufacturers. A number of manufacturers have taken automotive electricalization as the primary plan of the future, BYD is no exception, and the current new energy field in China can say that BYD is quite Important location.

And the car we have to introduce today is BYD to expect a recently launched electric car, BYD Yuan PRO, let’s take a look.

Yuan PRO guide price 12.13-1314 million yuan

The predecessor model of this BYD Yuan PRO is BYD’s Yuan EV. After the renaming is re-listed, some changes have been partially changed, and two new design is launched. The front face is still using the most popular Long Yan design, and the Han EV has an extremely similar situation in some details. The bright chrome-plated decorative strip with both sides of the LED light makes this car look very atmospheric, and it doesn’t feel this is a trolley that is only 100,000. Another set of design styles are walking the roads of the explosive model BYD Tang, the dot matrix grill plus a huge Chinese network, so that this trolley looks like a tiger. In terms of the body size, the length of the vehicle is 4375/1785 / 1680mm, respectively, and the wheelbase is increased by 15mm, and the internal size of the vehicle is slightly increased.

In the interior part, the car is walking is a simple design route, although it is restricted by the price, but the configuration is equipped, and the materials in part are also very conscient. The 10.1-inch medium control large screen shows delicate effect, and the car is also equipped with a Dilink3.0 intelligent system, which is very smooth and convenient. It is worth mentioning that the car is equipped with the latest blade battery pack in BYD, the battery life is 401 kilometers, and the city commute and short outing are completely capable of cope. As the first car of young people, this yuan PRO is very suitable.

Although the car is lowered by 120,000 yuan, the young people in some large cities, greater distress is the money, but there is no license. Therefore, the green brand of the car is very fragrant in these cities, plus the good endless mileage of the car and the outstanding design, must attract many young people to come onlookers.

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