As one of the top three of the luxury automotive enterprises, the Audi Group held a 2020 financial year at March 18. “With a strong team, Audi is strongly performed in fiscal year.” Markus Duestmann did not hide his satisfaction of Audi 2020 results.

It is understood that Audi brand is in 2020, the amount is about 1692,700, down by about 8% year-on-year, significantly below the global overall car market. Audi 2020 fiscal year sales revenue is about 50 billion euros, and the sales profit (unique special project) is 2.7 billion euros, and the sales profit is 5.5%.

As we all know, 2020 The Global Automobile Industry has been hurt, but not only the influence of new coronal pneumonia, but also the crisis of chip breaks, Audi Group has been extremely difficult to achieve such a score in the challenging 2020. Du Simman said: “In the fourth quarter, we reached a record-selling sales score, and the best quarterly sales in Audi history. In fiscal year, in the case of unspecified special projects, our business sales profit margin 5.5%. “

It is worth mentioning that Mercedes-Benz and BMW have released 2020 earnings reports, of which Mercedes-Benz passenger cars and light commercial vehicles have been sales of 24.618 million, down 13% year-on-year, and BMW Group has sales of 23.25 million, down 8.4% year-on-year. In contrast, Audi’s sales seem more to be more stable in 2020.

Regarding the future planning, Audi emphasizes the blueprint of electricization, according to the plan, in 2021, the number of the Audi pure electric models will be doubled, and the plug-in hybrid models will continue to be strengthened. In contrast, Audi’s electric plan is similar to BMW, and BMW plans to deliver 1 million new energy cars to global users at the end of 2021, but comparable to pure tram complications than Audi. In addition, in the electric blueprint of Audi, the Chinese market will play a decisive role.

Sales performance is strongly transformed into Audi to provide a positive effect of 26 billion euros

2020 affected by new coronary epidemic, the sales of global auto market fell by 15%, but the sales of Audi brand sales is far lower than the global market. Although Audi’s global sales is still with Mercedes, BMW is a distance, but sales is more stable.

In the official view of Audi, after 2020 difficult start, the market has a significant rebound: Audi delivers 505,600 vehicles in the fourth quarter (fourth quarter: 488,500) in the fourth quarter of 2019, and the best quarter in history end 2020 year. In 2020, the performance of Audi’s high-end models and SUV is particularly excellent. For example, Audi Q3 has increased by 18.1% and 11.8% compared to the customer of Audi A6. Pure electric Audi E-TRON series models, including Audi E-Tron Sportback, is the best-selling electric model in Germany high-end automakers in the world. It has grown nearly 80% compared to the previous year.

In terms of performance, Audi has also achieved good results. According to official data, the sales revenue of Audi Group 2020 fiscal reached 49.973 billion euros (2019 is 55.68 billion euros). Excluding special projects, operating sales profits were 2.739 billion euros (2019 was 450.9 million euros), and the operating sales profit margin was 5.5% (8.1% in 2019). The fourth quarter is particularly prominent. In the fourth quarter, the operating sales profit of the special project is 2.456 billion euros (1.271 billion euros in 2019), and the return on operating sales is 14.7% (8.9% in 2019), which is filled. Loss in the first half of the year.

In the face of 2021, the Audi high level also proposed a goal, and it was planned to achieve 7% -9% of the year, and strive to reach 9% -11%.

In addition, Audi continued the strong history of net cash flow indicators, in 2020, in 2020, this number continued to rise to 4.589 billion euros (2019: 3.16 billion). Especially in fixed investment, the proportion of income in the past year is reduced to 3.8% (2019: 4.9%). Among them, the equity within the Volkswagen Group has produced a positive impact of 1.5 billion euros for net cash flow. Based on this, Audi Group’s net flow assets reached 22.37 billion euros (2019: 21.754 billion euros), continued to stabilize at a high level.

What is worth paying attention is that the implementation of the Audi transformation plan has brought a small positive effect to Audi. It is understood that the implementation of the Audi’s transformation plan has also brought a positive effect of 2.6 billion euros ($ 2.5 billion in 2019), the Audi transformation plan has started two years ago, this increased efficiency plan has released 7 billion to Audi. Euro and planned to bring about 15 billion euros in the financial effect of about 15 billion euros through cost and income measures.

Audi Auto Co., Ltd. Management Board of Directors and Legal Directors said: “The ‘Audi Transformation Plan’ and ‘Audi Future’ Program have been successfully implemented, these two projects have made important contributions to the performance of Audi Group, so that we can continue Invest in the electricity and digitization of the product. “

1.5 billion euros plus an electric China market will play a decision

On the basis of existing results, Audi has maintained a strong investment in the future models and technologies. In total of 35 billion euros, approximately half will turn to future technical directions, including electricity and mixing investment will reach about 150. 100 million euros. According to the plan, in 2021, more than half of the Audi new model will have an electric version. In addition, Audi is still strengthening the mixed car model. In the fuel model, there will be half of the plug-in hybrid version this year. Audi plans to 2025, providing more than 20 full-electric vehicle types, and a large expansion of the portfolio of the plug-in hybrid. By 2025, Audi expected to have about one-third of the car delivered to customers a worldwide, which is pure electric or mixed model.

In fact, the three luxury cars in BBA have been in the field of electricity in an electric power in an active attitude.

According to the three steps of the BMW Group, the first stage is to turn on the electric travel. At the end of 2021, BMW will realize the world’s largest OTA upgrade; the second phase is to launch different driven products on the same model; the third stage is gradually reduced The delivery of fuel vehicles is to 2023 BMW will provide at least one pure electric vehicle model in about 90% of the market; the sales volume of BMW pure electric models in 2025 will increase by more than 50% year-on-year; to 2030 pure electric vehicle type At least 50% of the world’s total sales volume, Mini will also be fully electrified.

The Mercedes-Bena Daimler Group said in the annual meeting of the financial report. This year, Mercedes-Benz will continue to promote the electric strategy and expressed investment over 1 billion euros to expand the production of batteries, and will increase the battery. Purchase investments to protect the production of electric vehicles. In accordance with the “electric first” strategy released in October last year, the Mercedes-Benz plan has begun from 2025, and there will be more pure electric vehicle models in the MMA modular platform. This platform will focus on compact and medium-sized pure electric models; In 2030, the sales volume of electric vehicles accounted for more than half, in addition to investment in internal combustion engine models, the number of internal combustion engine models will be reduced by 70% in 2030.

Today, Audi will then release the electric Raiders that the BBA will have a century war against electricization in the future.

In addition, Audi emphasized that the Chinese market will play a decisive role in the implementation of the electric strategy.

In February this year, Audi brand announced, FAW-Volkswagen Audi Sales Division upgraded to FAW Audi Sales Co., Ltd. At present, a new sales company has been established and will settle in Hangzhou. The new company will be responsible for FAW-Volkswagen Audi’s domestic model, Audi import models, and the relevant business of Audi Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di.

“China is driving technology development, and the important pillar of Audi’s future success,” said Du Teman, chairman of Audi Auto Co., Ltd., “Special in the high-end car field, we saw huge potential of the Chinese market. Therefore, we will Continuously strengthen the product portfolio of this Audi’s largest market. “

According to the plan, the Audi E-TRON GT that has been completed in China will be officially launched at the end of 2021. At that time, FAW-Volkswagen Audi will have 12 domestic Audi, the new model born in the future and Porsche, will be 2024 began in Changchun factory.

It is worth mentioning that China’s new energy automotive market has shown excellent in 2020, and 1366 million, and 13.67 million, the production and sales, an increase of 7.5% and 10.9%, and the production and sales volume has a record high. And Audi sold more than 700,000 units in China last year, a year-on-year increase of 5.4%, accounting for 42% of its global sales.

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