The birth of the high-end pure electric brand of Geely Automobile has also been a period of time, but it seems that there is no information about the geometry car in the pure electric market. Today we want to introduce a new car, Geely Geometric a Pro.

On March 21st, the new brand geometry car under Geely announced that the new car geometric A Pro officially opened pre-sale, and the whole department launched a total of 4 models. The price of 140,000 yuan. Among them, A43 square plate, A43 cubic version price is 140,000 yuan, the endless mileage is 430 kilometers, while A60 cubic version, A60 power version price of 170,000 yuan, life is 600 km. The new car upgraded the configuration on the basis of the current geometric A, and also increases the vehicle’s battery life, which is a not small update.

According to our understanding, the manufacturer is expected to launch a new car in April, and according to the previous practice, the pre-sale price is usually different from the price after the official listing, we can understand that 14-17 million is this geometric a Pro The normal market is priced.

In terms of appearance, this Geely geometry A Pro with the current geometry A almost no great difference, but smoked in the roof part, so that this truck looks more young exercise. At the same time, the black decorative strip of the smoked head and the tail is also echoing with the black roof, so that this trolley looks very chic.

The interior of the vehicle is the focus of this upgrade. After the upgrade, all aspects of the geometric A PRO have improved. On the one hand, the seat of the vehicle uses a suede, whether it is touched or sitting very comfortable. Not only that, manufacturers also carry out 9 kinds of waterproof, anti-fouling treatment, effective anti-fouling species of the vehicle seat, and the safety of passengers in the vehicle.

Vehicle interiors also have a good design in coloring. The multi-function buttons are collected in the double-color matching steering wheel, allowing the driver to leave the front road as much as possible during driving. At the same time, a two-color matching is also used, and there is a echo with the color on the steering wheel. After sitting, it will not feel abrupt and discomfort. In order to create a senior sense, the manufacturer also added a 72-color ring atmosphere lamp for this car to meet the needs of many young people.

In the intelligent configuration, the manufacturer is sincere. Geometric A Pro is equipped with a GKUI EV system, supporting multi-language interactions, and achieves connective natural dialogue, refusing to repeated multiple invalid communication. Not only that, the manufacturer also is quite friendly about the newbie driver, the car is equipped with a 540 ° Ar chassis, whether it is normal driving or reversing the library, can become a bamboo in the chest and confidence.

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