Speaking of the public, I want everyone to have a lot of words, about the public, domestic consumers do have a say, because the public is really excellent in the domestic market, this is not a top, this is because of the public. Entering China’s market is relatively long, and the public has a lot of classic models, such as Santana, Passat, etc., these cars are in the heart of “God” in many old car owners.

However, with the transformation of the automotive industry, the traditional energy represented by fuel has gradually begun to withdraw from the main stage of the automotive industry, and even a lot of regions have already introduced “ban oil orders”. It can be found in the future fuel car. For traditional cars-based traditional car companies, at this stage, there is no doubt that major challenges. Therefore, the Volkswagen has to force the new energy to launch new energy electric vehicles.

On March 20th, the public held a delivery of listed activities, and the active protagonist is the public id.4 crozz, and some owners of ID.4 Crozzz have also officially mentioned their love on March 20. car. This activity is not only id.4 crozz owner care, but also is also very attractive for other consumers. Everyone mainly wants to see if Volkswagen can continue the “myth” of traditional cars.

It is understood that there are more than five models of new id.4 crozz to choose from, and there are three options, 400km, 500km, and 550km, and the price of the car is between 19.99 million to 279,900 yuan. For such a price, it is actually a medium-biased price in the electric vehicle. It is only 229,800 to 279,500, but the public is after all, but the public is It belongs to a joint venture car, and it is still going to sell.

For the public, ID.4 Crozz can be said to be a subversive work, not only because it uses electric energy, mainly it has completely entered the hat, which uses new MeB. Platform to create. In terms of appearance, the difference between electric vehicles and fuel vehicles is obvious, that is, there is no air intake grille, which is also on id.4 crozz, ID.4 crozz’s identification is high, basically, you can see this is one Volkswagen.

In terms of interior, the public has joined some technological senses, such as floating large multi-media screens, the young air-conditioned air-conditioning design, and the overall color matching makes us see the determination of the mass change. However, whether the public can renew the “myth”, but also look at the future of the public for new energy, it is full of feelings, or sincere.

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