With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, a green license has gradually entered thousands of households. At present, the mainstream is the pure electric model and hybrid model, but for consumers, it is committed It’s hard, how should these two cars choose?

First of all, we must conduct a basic division. The pure electric model can only be driven by electricity, and the hybrid power is more points. Our common plug-in mixing models and oil-electric hybrid models belong to hybrid vehicles. Generally speaking is the product between pure electric vehicle and fuel trucks. The mixed power cost of the Japanese car is high, and the green card cannot be used. We temporarily compare the DHT lemon mix in BYD DM-I super mix and the Great Wall.

First, when consumers choose, they need to take into account charging conditions. The pure electric model can only rely on electricity. If there is a downstairs parking lot, or there is a sufficient charging station around, then you can consider selecting a pure electric vehicle type, and if there is no Such conditions, pure electric vehicles are a burden for consumers, plugging mixing, avoiding such embarrassment, use oil when there is no condition, can charge, use the electricity, use the scene more pure and simple .

Second, even if there is a charging condition, what is the area you are, simply, if it is a particularly cold north, such as the East Third provinces, the pure electric model is completely not recommended, the reason is very simple, currently on the market Whether it is a ternary lithium battery or a lithium iron phosphate battery, under special cold weather, life will be greatly reduced, if it is Beijing, Hebei, Shanxi and other regions, more or less acceptable, but if it is north, winter During life will shrink to half, bring huge troubles on daily travel. Similarly, if it is a more warm South, the pure tram type is almost the advantage of the four seasons of the year. At this time, there is not much necessary to choose the plug-in mixing model.

In addition, in consideration of the factors and costs, the cost of the pure electric model is relatively high, so the price of the naked eye will be more expensive than the other models of the same level, of course, if you charge the conditions, use A few years later, this cost is actually very easy to be saved, and the plug-in mixing model is still not completely defined, BYD’s DM-I model is maintained at the same level of the fuel car, and is more powerful than pure electric There are a lot of cheap cars, and the Great Wall DHT is still not officially launched. I don’t know if I will use the same strategy as BYD. However, even if the price is higher, the probability will be under the pure electric car, if it is just to buy a green The card car, then the cost of the plug is higher than the pure electric car.

Finally, there is no doubt that the pure electric car is unquestionated, and there is almost no way to drive, mute effects and acceleration. However, the plug-in mixing model is not falling, and the technology is good enough. Next, the driving experience can be infinitely close to the pure electric model. At present, BYD’s Qin Plus DM-I is the first product under this platform. Consumers feedback from a good driving experience in the process of test drive, so driving in driving The gap between the two is actually not obvious.

In fact, the biggest factor affecting the difference is that “condition”, charging and use environment is the biggest problem, followed by cost performance, the author’s personal suggestion, if all satisfied, then you may wish to hug the pure electric vehicle style, if The heart is concerned, or there is a little bit, then the plug-in mixing model is actually a very reliable choice.

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