These two days, many people still have to enter the CCTV 3.15 party for Testla 3.15 party. But think carefully, the party programs made by CCTV, many of the time difference from the time of production and broadcast, need to have a certain amount of time difference. In other words, the program will be determined earlier, it will inevitably put a large amount of human material to prepare, interview and production, and Tesla’s problems have been largely fermented in the near future! Therefore, it is not possible to enter the 3.15 party’s program, and it is also its own truth. Despite this, people’s questioning of Tesla did not weaken, even more people will hold Tesla, so Tesla will not get anti-monopoly investigation and will not be subject to group litigation. Really don’t say it!

In fact, as Tesla is now in the automotive industry, it is also unparalleled with its own behavior. First, Tesla products are small, which can be said to all aspects of Tesla itself. To this end, even the man Mask is also in the interview, he has to warn people “Do not recommend the development of Tesla”! From this, it can be seen that Tesla manufacturing is always on how to develop faster, which will inevitably let problems in the development process!

Considering that Tesla’s main item is not entirely a car manufacturing, and it is also a bigger career such as Rocket recycling and satellite launch. This is even more exciting to Tesla, and also Try wrong in failure!

Everyone knows that Tesla’s current rocket recycling and satellite launches, which is attracted by the world. This is not only because of the feat of Tesla, which is likely to make the world’s efforts to explore in space, becoming the impact of Space exploration technology companies, becoming a place. Therefore, the development of Mask’s rocket is not only strongly supported by the US (including military); and it also impacts the development of the international space business. In such a large environment, the failure of the launch rocket becomes insignificant. It can even be said that Mask’s space exploration technology company, in the experiment next generation of launch rocket “Star Ships” prototype SN10, after the three-frying of the recycling rocket! It also didn’t affect the excitement of Mask! It is to know that space exploration technology has made SN20 rockets, which means that the company is ready to use more failures to exchange the last success!

It should be said that the future of the Rockets, even if there is an endless space, there is a unimaginable interest, but this does not have any threats and damage to people itself. In other words, the failure of the rocket recovery test is just for technology improvements, and it is not involved in casualties. Therefore, Maske’s failure in the experimental rocket will be concealed by huge test and wrong space, as long as there is the final success, naturally make up for multiple problems of the existing rocket technology.

The car is not like the rocket, he is to constantly improve the technology and constantly exceed the process of excellence. In this regard, Tesla not only runs too fast, but the small problem is endless; at the same time, it is also leading a batch of blindly followed Tesla, and only the innovation of the car, regardless of consumers, This makes it easy for consumers to become a veritable test product. In this regard, both Tesla is constantly incurred by small problems; also Maske is easily confused with rockets! At least a realistic problem, it will make people think that Tesla is a numbness of the wrong problem! Don’t say anything else, just have a big test for Tesla! The key is how to solve, how to make consumers more satisfied!

There are many problems in Tesla to make a large extent, or caused by supervision and defective rules. Tesla’s contribution to innovation, it is indeed admirable, but this is not the reason why it can impair consumers! It is not the premise of making the car in a rocket. So, if you want to limit Tesla, you can never open it, but you need more stringent requirements for Tesla’s behavior and Tesla products technology, Only in this way is the performance of consumers! Otherwise, if the new manufacturing can be opened by the quality of the mouth, it is said that it will directly damage the interests of consumers;, it is said that it will indirectly damage the overall development of the industry!

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