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After the ideal one succeeds in the extrusion market, this narrow but the market has come again.

A few days ago, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology disclosed a new batch of product catalogs, and the extension of the electric vehicle skyline ME5 was raised. ME5 is the second mass production car that will be launched after ME7, the car is slightly smaller, and the compact SUV is positioned. The new car is expected to be officially unveiled in the Shanghai Auto Show in April.

At present, the biggest concern of ME5 is that the power system is, like the 图 free, ME5 also uses a pure electric / increased transfers dual power system. Given the ideal one for the development of the increased range, and the ideals, the two of the map is positioned, the price difference is different, the future of the skyline is not ignored.

Although the market situation is good, ME5 is not easy to go public, it is not easy, and the skyline factory and battery capacity are limited. The second is that the visibility of the skyline is still weak. Third, the marketing channel is still exploiting, this is more realistic. Question, ME5 wants to shoot red, need to break by one by one.

Of course, for the three-year sky, the industry is not too demanding, the car will need a footprint, and some car companies are running fast, and the virtual virtual, and some car companies run Slow, especially solid. On the view of the Chairman of the Sky Car, the skyline is behind.

1, the power is the explosion point

Compared with ME7, ME5’s product is more penetrating, the first step is its dual power system. From the information disclosed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the skyline ME5 will provide two choices of pure electric / increased, which uses a three-dimensional battery system with a three-dimensional battery system with a motor peak power reaches 150kW.

The electric potential speculation is the same as the ME7. It is still uses a long-distance one two three-dimensional soft bag, the energy density is 160Wh / kg, in the market is in an excellent level, this battery is maintenance and safety.

Compared to the mainstream Ningde Times battery, the unity of the three-dimensional cells of the Wanjin, from the original US A123 company, before the pride of the US battery, after being kilocandy, SAIC, etc., but finally Falling in the hand of the wrong arrest. Just, the public also announced that a universal one two three is one of the battery suppliers.

Then, the electric potential fan group discussed many ME5 pruning versions. With the disclosure of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, its power system also uncovered mystery, which used 1.5L extended engine + 150 kW (rated 70KW) power combination The battery capacity is 30 kWh, and the pure battery is about 150km.

Yes, the ME5 increase version is the same as the ideal one, the 图 free, the use of large-battery increased power schemes, pure computing vehicles and Wuli MINI these miniature pure electric computer continuity, long-distance, relying on the increase Power generation solves some of the scene needs. From the ideal one sales, such people are not in a small number.

Downtown, Diagram Free, the ME5 increase version is used by self-suction prices. Theoretically, theoretically, the three-cylinder of the two maintenance costs is lower than the top two, and the four-cylinder turbine should be low. In addition, the ME5 pruning version is only 30 degrees of electricity, the cost is better, and this cost will be directly reflected in the car price.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Directory also released the Me5 increase version of the fuel consumption value of 0.7L / 100km, but this is the factory’s declared value, not more reference value. Based on the model quality of 1940kg (Ideal One 2300) as simple estimate, the ME5 increase version of the feed fuel consumption is not higher than the ideal one of 8.8L / 100B working conditions feeding oil consumption.

Of course, compared to the end of the power system, which we will focus on the adaptation level of the whole power system. In this point, according to an engineer who has participated in the ME5 extension version of the power system, ME5 reunion pretty good.

2, more huge circle

“I am going downstairs is a horizon center, but there is no one in the usual.” Mr. Wang, Mr. Wang, revealed to the electric movement. Mr. Wang feedback, is currently a bottleneck encountered by the development of the sky-the development of the sky – well-known, which is only more than three years with the skyline, and the first product ME7 has a certain relationship, but everything is advantageous.

Although the product has been launched later, but the sky has created a “complete” good work, which is not easy for new forces. At the beginning of the year, ME7 began to carry out a large number of media test drive. It is said that everyone’s feedback is good. This verifies Zhang Hai Liang’s saying. “The movement of the sky car may look slow, the purpose is to put the product to be polished and delivered to consumers. “

In order to solve the problem of low brand awareness, the skyline has strengthened marketing initiatives this year and actively expand the offline retail channel. On March 13th, the large-scale cross-screen interactive music variety show created by Zhejiang Satellite TV & Tudo, “It’s awesome”, which is warm, it is worth mentioning that the horizon ME7 is the only designation of the official selected Use the car.

Based on the Zhejiang Satellite TV, the two IPs of shake, and the sound of music, the skyline has opened a broken journey. In the channel, the skyline has completed the construction of more than 200+ stores in 2025, comprehensively covers the national one or two cities and some three-level city, and the skyline will pass more users. In January of this year, Ideal One won the best of the world’s best-selling car, a ranking of the raised electric car. Ideal One of the ideal one, let us have a expectation of ME5 that uses the extension technology. ME5 positioning is slightly lower than ME7, and the pure electric version is estimated to start at 150,000. The increase-run version is estimated to be different, which means that probably only the price of one half of the ideal one.

Ideal One is successful, it means that ME5 will also detonate the market? Not necessarily. The electric potential believes that the success of ideal one is not technically, but truly use the user-centered operation method, the incremental technology is second. Therefore, for ME5, it can take on the weight of the sky, and it is very important to the user’s intimacy.

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