Recently, BYD has launched a new MPV in the new car declaration information of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. From the figure we can see this new car is very familiar, and the BYD is very similar. And this car is not an upgraded version of the merchant, and its name is BYD M3. It is understood that the car is positioned with low-end pure electric MPV, let’s take a look.

Let’s first look at the design of BYD M3. From the front face, the shape of the whole face is very round, almost no seemingly tough design, just like the face of the Arctic bear, very gentle and very duplex Meat. This kind of meat is less than its semi-closed grille, although the closed grill can make the front face look more round, but its semi-closed closure is also given more variability on the shape of the front face. . The headlights on both sides are very enchanting. It feels like the eye of the fox, there is a rising eyeliner design, plus a large silver-shaped silver panel of the Chinese network connected to the headlights on both sides, the whole is still a whole It is also clearly distinguished the upper and lower levels and regional sense. The downward grill has a relatively rounded trapezoid, just like a laughing mouth, the triangle shape, which is close to the two sides, is like a laughing pear turf, is it very cute .

The side faces relative to the front face, the straight lines are rich, but its lines are a lot of straightness, but there is no sharp feeling, or give people a very comfortable thickness. The front and rear windows are also different, the new window models and the front headlights should echo, plus a very cute wheel with a small design with the body, and the big bear of the entire side of the Arctic bears is more intense. . The design of the tail is simple, the shape of the tail is very like a van, the entire square shape is a big flip, plus a chrome-plated strip decoration slightly embellished, concise.

According to its body size, the interior space may not be particularly spacious. After all, its body length is only 4460mm, but it is said that the variable phase of the seat layout is high. In terms of power, although the battery of the new car is a self-developed to the blade battery, the driving force is less than 100 horsepower, and the data information in the battery is not yet announced. In general, I still look forward to it.

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