In recent years, with the rise of the new energy auto market, all major cars have begun to lay out new energy automotive products, and many well-known companies have begun to make cross-borders. After coming from Le Shi Jia Yueping, the new power of Xiaopeng, Weima, and Weilai and other Internet transfers. However, it is not very common by the industrial cross-border, facing the big cake of the new energy car market, Gree air-conditioning CEO Dong Mingzhu announced the use of 3 billion and Zhuhai Yincong new energy cooperation, even once Wanda Wang Jianlin joined it.

However, the new car launched by Zhuhai Yinlong is not intentionally in the market performance, which also makes many people think that this kind of car road may not go. Although the launch of the new car is not successful, Gree’s technical strength is recognized by many people in China. Just like the original ballpoint strokes, many people said that China did not produce a ballpoint refill technology, could not make it, but Dong Mingzhu is still alone, and finally proves that Gree’s technology is really hard.

Recently, the news that broke the new energy vehicle related patent, Zhuhai Gree Electric Co., Ltd. proposed a patent of “a core blade, stator iron core, motor and new energy vehicle”, mainly for permanent magnet motors. Technical aspects. It can achieve the effect of reducing motor noise when using this technology to reduce eddy current loss. It is understood that the patent application also includes technology such as battery system, high voltage power distribution control system, and fuel cell temperature control system.

It can be seen whether battery technology or motor technology, most of which are core technologies applied to new energy vehicles. Gree uses practical actions to show that it has not stopped on the road in the new energy vehicle market. It is mentioned that there is a car enterprise in technology, and many people think that BYD is, this original battery transformation into a car company. Although there is excellent performance in the traditional market, BYD returning to the old Bank is like a fish in the new energy vehicle field. Even with excellent battery technology, cooperation with German luxury brand Daimler has established a new energy car brand.

Even if the patent application of Gree, even if it can’t explain the new car in the next few years, it has already shown a good progress in new energy automobile technology. Even as the Ningde era, companies that provide technology behind new energy vehicles are not lost as a way involved in new energy vehicles.

For the big movement of Gree car in the new energy field, I don’t know how you think it?

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