During the Spring Festival of 2020, Li Yunfei, the head of BYD, gave Yang Feng, WeChat, asked how to have a photo of BYD Han to transfer after the experiment.

As the head of BYD and the leader of development, Yang Feng is a bit helpless. “At the time, I always said with Yunfei. I have nearly 500 cars here, do you want to look at it?”

On March 16, BYD opened the media and parts testing center, especially the entire vehicle collision laboratory, and also showcased BYD Han after collision test. Through the windows of the collision laboratory, the media reporter can also see the laboratory extends extends a large number of BYD-Di-Di trial scrap vehicles.

BYD Han in the side collision

“For more words last year, because after a year, many cars have been processed.” Yang Feng said to the media. “(BYD) Han During the development of the entire process, our light test vehicle will be nearly 500, for safety testing, durability testing, reliability testing, including some subjective objective evaluation, can be said to have experienced thousands of hammers.”

One will be harder. BYD Han, it is “a car to become a hundred cars.” In order to develop this benchmark model, BYD put into a huge investment in BYD, not only equipped with all the latest technologies in the field of smart electric vehicles in BYD, but also used new energy vehicles that have accumulated in the car, and verification experience.

For example, from 2009, the electric vehicle collision test taken by Classic model E6 is made by the BYD Han truck. Many projects are surpassing the domestic collision criteria, in line with the US, European standards.


Safety performance by l

In BYD, engineers grace the vehicle performance according to “LACU”.

Take the Han as an example, its safety performance is defined as “L” level. The so-called “L” is “industry leadership status”. (LACU strategy) – LACU, leadership position; A: Among industry leading position; C: Competitive industry has competitiveness; u: uncompetitive industry does not have competitiveness)

The first is the simulation design. During the development of the Han model, BYD engineers simulate the passive safety when the vehicle, system, subsystem, and components occur in the collision through mathematical model. Optimize according to the problems exposed in the experiment, eventually reach the “L” level design expectation.

In order to achieve the defined safety standard, the Han used a high-security body, of which 43 thermoformed steels were used in the military level. BYD Han’s white car heat transfer steel usage reached 97kg, not only in China’s brand mass production sedan First, the amount is 2 times the second place.

This is followed by test verification, especially collision tests.

Biandi’s high-risk collision laboratory, which can meet the national standard, American standard, European standard and other regulations and C-NCAP evaluation test requirements. According to the characteristics of electric vehicles, BYD has designed more experimental methods and means on the basis of relevant standards.

In addition to the common collision tests such as front, side, rear-end, Han, Han, in addition to the common collision tests of pavement, more stringent, more complicated safety tests, such as the highest speed 120km / h The front impact, and the super high difficult small bias collision, guarantee the safety of users in extreme traffic accidents.

BYDA trial car through the roof static pressure test


Verify durability reliability according to 1 million kilometers

In addition to the verification of safety performance, BYD has also performed super standard durability and reliability verification against Han.

First, BYD collects real data such as road condition data, temperature data, humidity data from all over the country, and simulates the experiments under various limiting scenes, only to restore the user’s real car scene.

According to industry standards, 150,000 kilometers of vehicle life is enough to cover 90% of users’ needs, most of the high-end cars in the market is 300,000 kilometers, and the Han Type of the Han model is 600,000 kilometers more similar to most. The high-end models are doubled.

In addition to the road test of the trolley, BYD has adopted a large number of international leading high-precision test equipment for laboratory testing. The “24-channel road simulation test” is the most stringent ring, which can restore 95% of the road conditions that users may encounter, and most brands use the 4-column test table to reduce 70%. The Han test vehicle will continue to bump on the gabrie for 45 days and night, such a test should be 3 rounds, which is equivalent to Han to drive over 1 million kilometers on the real car test road, 3 times more than most similar models. More.

BYD Han in the 24-channel road simulation test

The road measurement is certainly unable to complete, and Han has completed the “three high” tests, not only with the environmental warehouse experimental test of various scenarios of -40 ° C -80 ° C, but also adopts a team self-driving method, from Hainan, Takestone to Turpan and other places, real test vehicle performance through the distance, and test the level of adaptation of the charging facility along the way.


Standard participation in the manufacturer, boost

BYD is not only rich in new energy vehicles, but also the test experience is equivalent.

In 2009, BYD E6 completed the first domestic pure electric vehicle; in 2011, BYD S6 became China’s first domestic SUV model, although it was a fuel vehicle, but also accumulated experience for new energy vehicles; later Tang I Generate the first C-NCAP five-star new energy model in China. S6 Kaixi five-star first river

Since the establishment of the BYD Safety Test Center, the accumulated thousands of valuable enterprise standards. BYD is also actively involved in promoting national relevant security regulations. It is expected that China’s car safety standards will become the most demanding standards in the world.

In addition to safety standards, BYD has participated in the drafting and formulation of several national relevant regulatory standards. For example, BYD participated in EVS-GTR (Electric Vehicle Safety Global Technical Regulations). EVS-GTR is jointly led by China, the United States, the EU and Japan, and BYD serves as a leader of TF8 (ie, the Business Car Working Group) in the regulatory formulation. At the 174th meeting of the United Nations World Vehicle Coordination Forum (WP29), the “1998 Agreement” Parties voted, the full ticket passed, which is the first global technical regulation that China is completed with the main leading country. .

BYD is the only domestic large-scale Class C-class car

Since the launch of BYDA, three major benchmarks have erected, one of which is the safety benchmark, represented by the BYD blade battery. From the development and testing process of BYD, BYD is not only the owner of the three-electric technology, but also in the industry, it has grinded the development and testing process of new energy vehicles before the industry, and established its own moat. BYD is safe, not just a blade battery.


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