Although Tesla is outside, it has a lot of moths in the past few years. The vehicle is automatically accelerated during the driving process, the brakes fail, the vehicle is 8 kilometers; the brake failure 4S shop does not work smoothly; active safety configuration failure, facing the foam wall and the vehicle can’t identify the direct hit the past, etc., let Tesla has repeatedly hot search in just a few months.

After so many black history, Tesla vehicles have become a major news in the current car circle, so many owners have said that they are waiting to see how to criticize Tesla at the 315 party this year. However, at the 315 party, Tesla did not board the stage, which made a lot of car owners not to accept! So why didn’t TASLo n’t board the 315 list? The reason is also very simple, although all Tesla scandals are circulated in the work, there is no such authority to prove that Tesla is serious security issues, which will lead to extremely serious consequences.

Whether it is the previous vehicle self-ignite or this year’s vehicle out of control, the Internet is talking about the sky, the owner came out, but the legal level has always been unresolved. The relevant departments have transferred Tesla official accident data records, but Wang Po sells melon, selling self-selling, who will handle his black history to the supervision department?

In fact, not only in the Chinese market, Tesla, USA, has also experienced this stage. As early in 2019, the US Expressway Safety Administration received a document, which covers 232 non-repetitive complaints of many vehicles under Tesla, plus all kinds of problems with documents, totaling 246 Troubleshooting.

In the face of so many previous complaints, the official survey found that all complaints were not possible to prove that the accelerator pedal, motor control system, and the existence of the brake system, and it can be proved to be designed. The user’s misoperation caused by the problem, indicating that there is no problem with security hazards in Tesla vehicles after the official survey.

So, whether it is China’s relevant departments or the relevant departments of the United States, there is no problem with Tesla’s inspection, so how many owners have reflected the problems? About this point, we are still unable to get answers, but the national regulatory agency has always been valued for security issues. If there is indeed major safety hazards, the relevant departments have long been investigated and reached.

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