As we all know, Kia is one of the representative brands of the Korean car. Recently, the new energy is increasingly obvious, and the most elegant electric vehicle is released, it is Kia EV6 ,. It can be seen from the figure that this is a model that is very futuristic, and it is expected to be released in the end of this month, let us take a look.

Its overall shape is still very beautiful. First, the feelings of the face are very simple. The whole side of the whole front side plus two rough lines, slightly a little sports car feel. The headlights on both sides are a slender and angular five-sided shape, and the entire feeling is still very textured in the forming plate with a slightly rising black ribber. The entire face has a closed grille, but it is designed with an arched black piece, and it is not very monotonous black, and it is true that it has a rich decoration. This black is surrounded by The front face increases the momentum and weight sensation, and the feeling of the frog head of the whole face is even more obvious.

The sensation of the side is very wonderful. The cross-boundary body design makes it feel still very smooth, and the whole roof shows a feeling of falling backwards, plus its C-column design is extremely Big, the visual effect of the entire portion is very strong. There is also a feeling of the roent roof of the car. The whole body is also very round, plus its five-spoke petal hub, the overall surface texture is quite good, beautiful and Very identified.

The whole car is most identifiable, the strongest design is the end of its tail, the whole tail is like the buttocks of the Tang old duck, it is a pointer from the body, just like buying a house developer saying You have given a small balcony, the taillights on the small balcony is extremely strong, super recognition. In fact, the whole of the whole car is still very simple, but there is a strong stereoscopic, so the whole feels still very well.

The overall interior design is a very simple style, and its asymmetrical design is inconsistent with its black gray silver color, the entire interior is still very strong, the two-connected screen on the center constructor is also very Technology is very simple. It is said that its interior materials will use organic materials, as well as the renewable plastic as a seat material, this environmental awareness is still worth learning.

The current parameters of power is unknown, but this also makes us more expectations for this car, let us wait for the end of the month to reveal the answer.

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