Since 2018, the national two sessions, FAW Jiefang Dalian Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. senior Technician Lu Xinti has walked into the venue of the Great Hall of the People. It is understood that in the past four years, Lu Xindi has submitted 19 mothers and suggestions, most of which were closely related to the personal interests of the frontline employee.

“I am from the front line, the transfer is what the workers are thinking.” Lu Xin brother told the Securities Times reporter, talent is the cornerstone to build the innovation and development of automobile industry, so that the employees fully enjoy the policy dividend, which helps further inspire the car talents. Innovative enthusiasm.

In his opinion, pay attention to the development of talent, cultivate a big country craftsman who has highlighted in a certain aspect, is essential to stabilize the staff, building a harmonious society. At the same time, to promote the high-quality development of my country’s automobile manufacturing industry, it is necessary to strengthen the independent research and development of key core technologies and key components, which requires the joint efforts of the high-skilled talent team.

We must pay attention to cultivate high-quality manufacturing talents

High-quality, high-level workers’ teams have always supported the important cornerstone of my country from China from manufacturing great powers to manufacturing strong countries. According to the prediction of the Chinese Talent Research Association Automotive Talents Professional Committee

Drang Brother told the Securities Director, he has a long-term depth line, and most can feel the deep changes in the car talent structure. “At present, my country’s total technical workers are still insufficient, especially those with advanced technical workers still have a distance compared to developed countries.” Lu Xindicin told the Securities Times reporter, current young people don’t want to do workers, do not want to do workers The heart is generally existed, it is necessary to lead from all levels.

“Details determine quality, talents decide the future. It is crucial to cultivate high-quality manufacturing talents.” Lu Xindad pointed out that in recent years, the country has attached great importance to the development of industrial talents and workers’ teams, but also introduced a series of policies, but in implementation At the level, there is still a certain bottleneck.

Therefore, in the two sessions of this year, he put forward the “Suggestions on the Incorporation of Technological Innovation Rewards into Wage Special Collective Contracts”, “About my country’s recommendations should be banned as soon as possible as soon as possible”, “on the design of national level” “China’s labor model” suggestions “, etc., almost every item is closely related to the personal interests of the first-line employee.

Lu Xindi told the Securities Times reporter, and the reason why the above recommendations, especially recommending the “China Labor Structure Day” at the national level, mainly hoping that the first-line workers really find the honor and pride of the occupation, and thus inspirational them Independent innovation potential.

The reporter noted that during the two sessions of this year, the Lu Xindici also submitted the “Suggestions on Casting” The last km of the government documents “. In fact, he has repeatedly called for the substance of government documents.

He told the Securities Times reporter, and the state has introduced many favorable policies in supporting the construction of manufacturing talents. Only by effectively promoting their truly landing can ensure the stability of the technical talent team, further accelerate the innovative, application, and skill type. talent development.

The development of China’s car brands is full of confidence

34 years ago, Lu Xindi entered the automobile factory after graduating from the technical school. With hard research and bold innovation, the rapid growth of national labor models, and the rapid development of China Auto Industry also unexplored.

“It has grown together with the Chinese auto industry for more than 30 years. I deeply feel the changes in China’s automobile brands, and the future development is full of confidence.” Lu Xindicine told the Securities Times reporter, the previous vehicle used to drive a diesel version. The joint venture car is mainly to study foreign diesel engine technology through the actual experience. Today, he has already replaced “car” to the Chinese brand model.

Lu Xindi said that the current model of China’s automobile brand has improved in quality and design, but to achieve the development of the manufacturing big country to the manufacturing power, it also needs to take the initiative to standardize the world program in manufacturing quality upgrades. With Chinese experience. Quality improvement is the best way to promote high quality development.

In his opinion, the development of China’s car brands must adhere to the quality first, the brand is first. Only by improving the brand added value can we take the high-end high-end high-end to the global value chain to provide more quality products to the society, which in turn promotes the high quality development of China’s automobile industry.

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