The safety performance of the motor vehicle is a topic of a older, whether it is a fuel or electric car, consumers can endure their power, but they cannot endure it safely, and Passat’s front car is also alive. So many manufacturers have proposed their own models while ensuring performance, and can also take into account strong security.

For example, we are familiar with domestic independent brand BYD, as the old big brother in domestic brands, BYD is a commercially started business, but also launched a blade battery, guaranteed excellent battery safety. After all, compared to fuel cars, electric vehicles have a higher self-ignition risk, so efforts to hit consumers in terms of safety performance of the battery.

As an emerging electric vehicle brand, Although Guangqi Yan is born, many consumers have attracted a lot of consumers. Not long ago, Guangqi Yan put forward that the new models of their own guarantees 1000 kilometers of life, and the leader in the grapher battery is first introduced, whether it is battery capacity or charging speed, is a leader in peers.

Soon after Guangqi Yan launched these two technologies, Guangzhou Automobile officially said that his own magazine battery system security technology has been mature and can be released. At the same time, the manufacturer claims that this is the first time in the industry to achieve the three-yuan lithium battery, which is not a fire, belonging to the industry leader. After testing, Guangqi Yan’s magazine battery was only 5 minutes after the thermal accident signal alert, and there was only a short smoke scene, and there was no fire and explosion. The safety performance was extremely strong. After standing for 48 hours, the piercing battery pack is only thermal out of control, and there is no spread to other cells.

The so-called magazine battery is a common understanding that the battery core is protected in a small box similar to the “magazine” and protects the battery cell. However, some friends should have something to understand. In the early Ningde Times, they have done similar experiments, and the three-dimensional lithium battery is placed in a heavy protective warehouse. The hard protective shell is even more compatible with the steel needles in the acupuncture experiment. However, this experiment has caused a ridicule of a netizen, as long as she shells have hard, it is nothing to fix the gun medicine, anyway, the needle stamp does not break the shell.

In fact, companies have their own control methods for battery spontaneous risk. Tesra passes the algorithm, once the battery is found to have a problem with a problem with the battery, the system is locked by the battery, and the whole car is powered off. But this method sometimes occurs because the system bug has misjudge, so many people spit. Ningde Times, by adjusting chemical materials inside the battery, increasing the life of the battery, as long as the battery life has long over the life of electric vehicles, then there is no problem. Guangqi Eman is the possibility of slowing the risk through a series of technologies, while adding a hard-real housing, even if there is a problem with the battery, it will not affect the security of other components.

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