Not long ago, there are overseas media exposing the new Ford Carnival road trial spy photos. For this model, many owners are also more concerned, especially in power, there will be rumors that will have changed with cash, it is possible to launch a light mix Model. As a model of a biased light sports style, there is also a lot of money on it. Let’s take a look at the performance of this new Ford Fiesta.

From the spy photos, most of the front faces of the new car and the exposure, the front headlight set used a new design, embedded in the horizontal LED lamp group, so that this car looks more technological, unique model The gate design uses three silver chrome-plated trims, bringing very strong identification.

On the side of the body, you can see that the roof is equipped with a luggage rack. For many owners who like to make an outing, it is clearly provided to provide a more convenient storage of large items, reducing the retro storage pressure. It can be seen that the new Ford Carnival has chosen the wheel shape of the five-scale blade styling on the wheels, bringing strong motivation and metal sensation, more in line with the aesthetic needs of young owners.

At the end of the car, the current spy photos are still filled with dense lane, which can see the new car on the exhaust port should be the single-sided single-oriented exhaust of the right side, with the current pop-up bilateral exhaust Design contrast, let this car look into color. The taillights or maintenance and the cash type are consistent, and the specific details require further news.

There is no spy photos in the new Ford Carnival interior, and there is no more details on the announcement.

For the power performance of this time, the new Ford Carnival will use a 48V light mixing system in addition to the ST high-performance model and entry-level model. Among them, the low-power natural intake engine that is powered by 1.0L will adopt advanced closed cylinder technology, match the new 7-speed automatic transmission, can be increased by 15% in power transmission efficiency, which can be further reduced to the fuel consumption.

For the current domestic auto market, many car owners are also very important to perform the fuel consumption of a car. As the new Carnival model launched, although the power may not be as mainfall in the market, it is obviously enough to be sufficient as a daily city. For this new car, I don’t know what you have?

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