At present, the new energy car market is very hot, but rarely see a luxury model like BBA in the market. But in fact, whether it is a BMW, Mercedes-Benz or Audi, has been built in the new energy field, but did not expand the market. With the development of all brand new energy, BBA has also accelerated the footsteps of new energy research and development. For example, this BMW 5 is new energy today. It compares with other new energy models. You know what is luxurious.

In terms of appearance, BMW 5 Series New Energy 2021 535LE’s overall shape is still very round, the overall face is almost invisible to the obvious line design, and the face is still very recognized, the family faces, both sides The long elliptical headlights are connected together, run through the entire head. The bottom of the bottom is still around, but it is still a large wide design in the middle, this is visually pulled wide, but this widened design is on the basis of simply pulling the front of the head. Will be flat, and have a degree in the level.

Aspects, 5106/1868 / 1490mm long-width high body size is still very much tensile but very powerful. A hidden waist line adds a mystery to the side, the overall smooth line makes you feel that it seems like a fish like a fish, plus silver multi-spoke hub, the luxurious temperament of the entire side is in an instant Do you have you not sure it? The design of the tail is more round, but relative to the head, its overall unevenness is stronger, coupled with the tailed taillights of the smoked treated and the bilateral exhaust from the black, the whole tail is the luxury However, it is born.

In terms of interior, the overall color matching is dark, and there is a silver trim in the details. The atmosphere of the entire interior is still very luxurious, especially the wood grain panels on the center console, add a lot of luxurious breath. . Moreover, the internal materials of the interior are also in line with its luxury, and the tangible tray of the leather material is very good. Add other devices on the entire interior, such as segmented electric skylights, there are large-sized central control screens and dashboards, seat memories, heating, etc., give a good experience and comfort, no matter You are a driver or a pedestrian.

What is the last power system? Plug-in hybrid system, plus 2.0TL4 engine, as well as 8-speed transmission, power battery group is also 17.7kW, 95km Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, plus it 6.7 seconds, 100 km acceleration and 225km / h The maximum speed can make you experience what is called “speed and passion”, but this is a joke, we are definitely safe first, just saying its power is complete nice. What do you think of this luxury brand new energy?

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