“If the operating system is lost, the smartphone is a plate brick. For smart cars, it is important to have a powerful operating system. Especially in the era of software defined cars, the development and application of the vehicle operating system is more The necessary moves for building a motor power. “Recently, the National People’s Congress representative, which is an interview with the Securities Times reporter, and he attaches great importance to the intelligent network car operating system.

He revealed that during the national two sessions this year, he proposed to concentrate on overcome smart car safety real-time car control operating system technical problems, calling for the development planning and industry standards of China Automobile operating system, encourage and guide the development of China’s automobile operating system. Compensation to overcome this key technology involving the future development of the automotive industry, avoiding the situation of being “card neck”.

Can’t ignore smart car operating systems

Currently, smart network cars are already a global automotive industry growth hotspot and competitive focus. However, in the process of automobile intelligent transformation, it is also facing some pain points and difficulties. Fang Yingzhou told the Securities Times reporter. At present, my country’s intelligent networks have developed rapidly. However, domestic vehicle companies still lack their own intelligent computing platforms. Enterprises that have proven programs cannot open source sharing, leading to smart vehicles to be relatively closed. It is too vertical.

FORMIA believes that the automotive operating system is a computer program that manages computer hardware and software resources, which is the intermediate layer of connection software and hardware, which determines the efficiency, stability and security of the system. It is a reconstructed intelligent network vehicle industry chain and technology. The foundation of the chain, even the future development direction of the entire automobile industry.

“In the era of software defining the car, the real-time, safe and reliable essential of the intelligent network car control system is important. This is what we have to overcome the ‘card neck’ problem.” Fang Yun Zhou told the Securities Times reporter, the current car has been from the tradition The penetration tool evolves into a new generation of intelligent terminals, which will be given more and more innovative features, and the requirements for the vehicle control operating system will be higher and higher.

Fang Yunfead said that all car companies currently pay great attention to the operating system of intelligent networks, which will be a new focus of the vehicle enterprises.

Call for the development of relevant development planning

“Intelligent Net Cars deeply change the development model of the car and the industrial chain structure, and even changing the lifestyle and social economic structure of ordinary people.” Fang Yingzhou told the Securities Times reporter, if there is no operating system, the beautiful vision of the development of smart cars is unable Implemented.

He emphasizes that the smart car operating system is related to information security, industrial chain security and social security. If it does not pay attention to it will trigger a series of issues. Therefore, he proposes to set up a national expert group, develop the development planning, industrial policy and development direction of China’s automobile operating system, clarify the principles and qualifications of China’s automobile operating system; it is recommended to establish major technical special funds, organizational and coordinate enterprises and research The research institute is conducting a core technical research; it is recommended to establish an industrial guidance fund and the industrial development fund, encourage and coordinate the development of China’s automobile operating system industry chain; it is recommended to establish a China Automotive Operating System Technology Commission to develop China’s automobile operating system architecture, regulations, Technical standards and technical agreements; recommend China’s operating system data platform and security center, strengthen safety prevention and safety monitoring of vehicle operating systems.

At the same time, he also called on the national level to encourage the demonstration and application of China’s automobile operating system, promote the transformation of technical achievements; encourage and guide the industrial ecological development of China’s operating system.

Fang Yingzhou told the Securities Times reporter: “At present, the development of smart car machine operating system is like a smartphone ten years ago, showing a competitive trend of hundreds of flowers, many car companies participate, and the entire industry starts a ‘soft strength. ‘Wars. If the company ignores the research and development and control of the smart car operating system, it will lose autonomous technology and autonomy in this round of competition. “

Fang Yingzhou believes that strengthening the attention of smart car operating systems will not only make China Automobile Brand to master the initiative, but also help companies from excavating huge market opportunities.

Disclosure, currently, software accounts for approximately 10% in the cost of large passenger cars, and it is expected that its accounting will increase to 30% in 2030. Formula is believed that future vehicle operating system business functions will become more complicated, and the corresponding software costs will also rise. If the company layout, it will fully enjoy the benefits of this.

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