On March 11th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has focused on “road motor vehicle production enterprises and products” (342) and “Enjoy the saving energy-saving automotive model directory” (twenty-fifteen batch) product catalog document .

Figure 1 The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially released publicity

It is reported that the new products of this batch of “Recommended Catalog” have a total of 7 households in the fuel cell products. The 11 models of the 341 batch of enterprises in comparative premature announcements were on the Directory of the Ministry of Industry and Information, and there was a decrease in the number of companies on the list, but there was an increase in the number of models that were publicized, and the publicity catalog is still full. .

Highlight 1. In addition to the common models such as fuel cell bikes in addition to fuel cell bikes, there is a list of passenger cars in the fuel cellbar. According to hydrogen chain database statistics, there is already a list of fuel cells in Chang’an, Dongfeng, SAIC, Guangqi, FAT, etc. in the Recommended Catalog of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Figure 2 FAW red flag hydrogen fuel cell version model

Highlight 2, the fuel cell model of the unpatient energy support is the first place. The hydrogen chain learned that in September 2020, the Great Wall Holding Group’s unwanted energy technology Co., Ltd. officially released the 95kW passenger car fuel cell system engine, and the maximum expanded to 150kW platform fuel cell stack and 70MPa high-pressure resection Core products such as bottles and pressure reducing valves. The settlement of the fuel cell model will be the first time to write a list of Industry and Information Technology, or it is very expected.

Section 342 Recommended Table of Directory Fuel Battery Details

The hydrogen chain learned that in the publicity of the “New Energy Car Recommended Catalog” publicity, there are 17 fuel cell commercial vehicles; including fuel cell bikes, fuel cell trolgo chassis, fuel cell scans, fuel cell tractor and The fuel cell transport vehicle has 3 listings, fuel cell insulation vehicles, and fuel cell passenger cars have 1 list.

Table 1 No. 342 Batch “New Energy Car Recommended Catalog” announcement details

In terms of fuel cell vehicles, there are 5 models in the list of fuel cars. Fujian Longma Huanwei has 3 models, Dongfeng Auto, China FAW, Universiade, Qingling Motors have 2 models, Guangdong Fu Di has a model on the list. Among them, Qingling Motors and Guangdong Fudi are the first vehicle enterprises on the list of fuel cell vehicles.

In terms of fuel cell system, except for the opening of the Qingle Bell Motor and FAW Hongqi passenger car without indicating the fuel cell system supporting, the total of 14 FCEV supporting, which are power-on power, Hongli Hydrogen , Unpatient energy, Shanghai Jiehua, Ocean motor, Shanghai remodeling and clear energy. Among them, Hongli Hydrogen is equipped with 5 sets of 5, ranked first; Shanghai Jiehuo supporting 3, ranked second; 2 models of power supply, ranking third; other 4 system companies have 1 sets.

It is worth noting that the rapid energy is the first debut of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; the hydrogen energy and fuel cell company of the Great Wall Automobile has been released from the core supporting products such as fuel cell system, electric stacks last year. It has gradually started mass production and quickly launched the market.


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