Developing new energy vehicles is my country’s realization of carbon neutralization, and is an important national policy to deal with climate change and promote green development. In 2020, China’s new energy automotive production and sales volume exceeded 1.3 million units, and the total number of new energy vehicles in the country has exceeded 5 million. According to the new energy car user findings, charging problems is an important issue in their concerns. In this context, strengthen charging infrastructure construction, solve user charging concerns is the necessary prerequisites for the development of electric motor automotive industries, but also implement national new energy vehicles The powerful guarantee of the strategy. The national report in this two sessions referred to the sound of “increasing the charging pile construction of the parking lot”.

In 2020, the annual charge infrastructure increment is 462,000 units, and the public charging infrastructure increased by 291,000, an increase of 12.4% year-on-year, but the increment of charging facilities with the car is still not high, only 171,000, a year-on-year decline in a year-on-year. %, The amount of installation of private charging piles is significantly behind the sales of new energy vehicles. The construction of charging piles has been included in the new infrastructure last year, and local governments will purchase subsidies to support charging infrastructure construction, and they have issued the “complement station, supplement operation” policy for charging pile operators. The government is very promoted. Construction of public charging piles.

How to speed up the top design of the new energy vehicle charging pile construction? It is recommended to develop a medium-long development plan for the construction of charging piles for 2035, further clarify the construction direction, standards and implementation paths of the two types of charging facilities in the residential area, highway and urban and rural public areas, and give local governments and market clear guidelines. Encourage the residential area charging pile construction pilot running. Accelerate the overall intelligent ordered charging management model of the residential area and individuals have established charging piles and share the pilot, summarize the experience of national promotion, and improve the level of charging infrastructure service in residential district. Clarify the construction process of the charging pile of the residential area in the form of legislation, regulations, notices, etc. Strengthen the implementation of policies. Strengthen the country and the local regulations on various provisions and policy documents of the charging pile construction in residential districts, and ensure that the policy is implemented in place.

Xiaobian summary: 2021 is the “14th Five-Year Plan” opening year, it can be seen from the government’s work report, with the acceleration of the construction of new energy vehicles, the government continues to release a good signal in the consumer side, which is stable New energy automobile consumer market development has established more long-acting mechanisms. Increase parking, charging piles, shift stations, battery recycling, etc., will further improve new energy automotive industry chain structure, and speed up the process of promoting new energy vehicles instead of traditional cars.

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