On March 4, 2021, the minor boat intelligence was released for tens of millions of dollars a1 round financing. This is the 3rd financing of the company’s foreign company.

In April 2020, the smart roads were published in less than tens of millions of dollars of seed round financing, IDG capital, and TIDE Capital, three institutions.

In October 2020, Lenovo’s venture investment has been invested in the boat.

To this round of financing, according to Bloomberg report, Super giant byte beat has been involved. However, the official official official does not respond to this news.

In the past year, the world’s top Internet giants have been driving automatically.

Amazon officially acquired Silicon Valley Automatic Driving Companies ZOOX in the middle of last year, and Microsoft invested in the general flag in January this year.

In this super giant, how do you have a Waymo background founder’s soft boat to open the market in China?

Last week, we chatted with Hou Cong of the light boat Zhuri.

Hou Cong is the joint founder of the Learning Zhuri, and he is responsible for the overall development and optimization of Waymo perceived system during Waymo.


China’s unmanned landing direction

“If you make Robotaxi mode in the beginning, it is difficult to land in China. We have a deep experience before this difficulty. It may take about 10 years.”

In fact, if the Sebastian Thrun is started from Google in 2007, the Google Unmanned Car Project (Waymo predecessor) has entered the fourth year.

Hou Cong explained that the Robotaxi landing period is long, and it is one of the reasons why the light boat homestead will start from the unmanned PC.

The boat is positioned in the unmanned driving solution to the city complex road traffic scene.

At the moment, this set of plans was named Driven-by-qcraft, the first product of this solution was a Dragon boat one – a 6-meter unmanned PM.

The running speed of the unmanned paste is 20 – 50 km / h. Compared to Robotaxi, its speed is lower, and the operation route and site are relatively relatively fixed. Pub is easier to land in technology implementation.

And China’s support for public transportation is much greater than North America. According to China’s strategic plan for new energy vehicles, new energy technology first landed on the operation car, and then promoted to private cars – unmanned driving will be the case.

This means that the unmanned cotbits may be a sentiment in China’s unmanned landing.


Unmanned PM big-scale landing

This year, I will move into the Baidai level.

Hou Cong revealed that it is a team of a hundred people’s scale.

Open news shows that the boat has been operating in Suzhou, Shenzhen and Wuhan 3rd City.

The dragon boat One has reached dozens of deployment scale and in rapid growth.

The light boat is still launching the land of other core cities.

“While we have to come out later than other companies. But in the past two years, the light boat has made very progress in R & D.

We have been complete around the underlying infrastructure and upper perception, planning and other applications, and the shelf is very complete. “

Hou Cong told us that the main investment direction of the research and development this year is “up to the larger deployment, but is based on true demand.

At present, Dragon Boat One is also working with a number of host plants. Hou Cong expects “this year’s team size will reach 3 digits, will be extended to a larger scale next year.”

6 meters long small powers are more flexible than traditional bus buss, which have high flexibility in the deployment of microcirculation traffic.

At the same time, the light boat will also expand to smaller and larger busb products.


Urban complex traffic driver is the core

Outside the small bar will open 2 product lines

“The next step is the upper quantity, and the road test mileage and operation range will be further expanded, and the data-driven automation factory is created.”

Although the first floor-to-ceiling product of the boat is a unmanned PM, the light boat has repeatedly emphasized that its core technology stack is completely consistent with Robotaxi’s technical stack, and its landing to unmanned Pub is “” High low-. Drive-by-qcraft Next Steps to go to the core goal is to cope with the traffic scenarios of multiple urban complex roads.

Based on this core, the light boat will also launch other two product lines outside the unmanned PC.

However, the official of the light boat did not reveal what the two product lines were specific.

We guess that the new product line may be related to the travel of the city’s public road scene.

In 2019, the bureau did not drive a boat, which seems to be more than other companies.

However, if the deployment of hundreds of levels this year, the boat is entering the first camp in the unmanned driving field in China.

Its self-built large-scale simulation platform and self-employed decision planning framework, etc., which can support “self-evolution”, which may be one of the reasons for this late black horse.

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