In 2020, the new car company sat on the rocket.

On March 8, one of the new car heads of the company issued a 2020 financial report as of December 31, 2020, which is also the first annual report after Xiaopeng.

2020 Xiaopeng Auto development speed, how is the best show tool: 2020 Xiaopeng automobile total delivery has reached 2,7041 units, an increase of 112.5% ​​year-on-year; the total income of RMB RMB 5.844 billion in 2020 is 151.8% year-on-year. The gross profit margin also achieved the first year, from 2019 – 24.0% increased to 4.6%; the loss amount was also narrowed from 3692 million yuan in 2019 to 2.732 billion yuan.

For Xiaopeng cars listed last year, the bright grades were obviously worthy of celebration, but for the industry inside and outside the industry, the problem is more hope to answer, such growth is accidentally, the high-speed growth can continue to play effect?

This is not redundant.

For new car companies, 2020 is a “New Year”. Head companies have come out of the haze, capital market, consumers, and car companies in the valley, from the bottom of the valley. The stock market of the machine, the sales store of the people, the new products are sought after.

Therefore, there are more and more traditional vehicle companies and Internet giants that are not tempting, and start to cut into smart cars.

However, the mall is like a battlefield, and it is not normal in any industry, and the challenge, anytime, anywhere is the normal situation facing the company. In other words, for a long-term plan, it is obvious that it can not be eaten only by the day, but it is necessary to keep the bottom of the roots, in order to maintain “evergreen” under any circumstances.

Standard “智 造”

In 1886, German engineers Carl Benz design the first modern car until 1958 after 72 years, China’s first domestic car “Dongfeng car” came out.

Since the industry is accumulated faster in Europe and the United States, China’s local automotive industry has been pressing by Europe and American manufacturers, and local companies have been subjected to industry followers.

However, this state is expected to be subversited, China Smart Map, which is represented by Xiaopeng Automobile, is working hard with Tesla and other industries, walking together in the first line of global electric vehicles, leading the industry development .

What is the “smart point” of new energy cars?

In order to understand this problem, China’s new energy automotive industry has grown in the dark for many years.

In many consumers’ minds, electric cars or new carings seem to have the concept of last few years, and many people have become an electric car owner for the first time.

In fact, in the “Eighth Five” period, the new energy vehicle program has been put on the government agenda. In 1995, the Ministry of Science and Technology will develop electric vehicles to set the key projects of “Ninth” planning. In 1996, Beijing held an electric vehicle show, Beijing Bax Truck Company made BJ6490D participated in the exhibition, and became the earliest pure electric car in China.

After entering the 21st century, the industry is further accelerating in the industry, until 2008, China ushered in the first year of new energy vehicles, and began to grow rapidly in the commercial car market.

But in the family consumption market, new energy cars have been in a confused state, can’t find the direction.

However, in recent years, with the integration of the Internet and the automotive industry, many practitioners have gradually realized the answer.

“I want to reflect on a few questions, is we only doing new energy cars today to make us stronger? We see some new electric car companies getting more and more powerful, their core is powerful or technological innovation Strong? “In one occasion, He Xiaopeng once asked the automotive industry.

Can ask such a problem, because He Xiaopeng is bright in the heart, “I really become a strong, I must be a smart electric car” he said that electric cars are the most basic, but smart is the core of Xiaopeng, “I think intelligent representative software , Intelligent represents data, this is the future. “

Recognizing the answer to the question, Xiaopeng cars began to grab “smart point” without hesitation.

In 2014, Xiaopeng Automobiles started to start business, they were a smart car. In the next few years, many prospective directions that surrounded the current cognition of industry cognition were made around the intelligent strategy, and made a perfect layout.

For example, “Full Stack Autism”, the so-called full stack self-studyation refers to the self-research of modules such as the perception, positioning, planning and control of the vehicle, not only the self-research of the module, but also in data channels and cloud data collection and labeling, distributed network training, etc. Self-research, full-closed loop of data and algorithms, and make a solid technical foundation for its rapid function iteration.

Simply put, Xiaopeng Motor, which is fully self-developed, can lead to R & D rhythm and establish a R & D system that matches its own product.

However, “All Stack Self-study” is a super costly, financial manager, and many investment does not necessarily produce results, which directly tests the firmness of the company’s technical investment.

Therefore, even “burning money”, the car industry is used, this is also an “option” that most of the company fears feared, and chooses the route of technology integration.

“There are very few companies in China to develop the whole process of intelligent network, most of which are doing integrated innovation.” But He Xiaopeng believes that full stack of self-research is the cornerstone of Xiaopeng Auto business, “Not only Let us always be in the forefront of smart automobile technology, which also makes us harvest huge growth potential in the smart electric vehicle industry. “The fact that high investment has brought the investment in the intelligence, Xiaopeng cars become Tesla, the world Full stack of self-developed production vehicles. Through the full stack self-study, Xiaopeng cars have created several killers. For example, Xiaopeng Automatic Driving Auxiliary System, XMART OS Smart Cockpit, Intelligent Electrical Electrical Architecture, etc.

Today, whether it should be “full stack self-study” is no longer a topic worth arguing, along Xiaopeng car, has become the default route for other new car companies.

Leading – imitated – becoming a standard, such a case does not only happen.

Another case is laser radar, well known, Tesla has been not too cold for laser radar due to cost. Xiaopeng Auto has long realized that the laser radar can cooperate with millimeter wave radar and the camera to provide higher driving safety, a better automatic driving experience.

2020 Xiaopeng Cars announced at the Guangzhou Auto Show will take the lead in launching the world’s first mass production smart car, then Arcfox is very fox, the Great Wall Wey has also released a model with laser radar.

The same is true on the construction of the charging network. In 2018, Xiaopeng has become the first car enterprise in China to establish its own super charging network. As of the end of December, the super charging station of Xiaopeng Automobile brand has operated 159, coverage 54 cities. Xiaopeng Auto Chairman and CEO He Xiaopeng expects that at the end of 2021, Xiaopeng Automobile brand superchart will exceed 500.

In addition to the expansion of the charging network, in September 2020, Xiaopeng car first opened the “Xiaopeng owner for lifetime charging” program in Beijing, which became the only Chinese brand that provided users with free super charge. At the financial conference call, He Xiaopeng expressed double that the free charging plan was doubled in 2021 and strive to charge the owner for a free charging service for the owner of 200 cities.

It is foreseeable that in the near future, similar services may also become the standard of new car companies.

Intelligent “killer”

As a new species in the car, what kind of car can be called smart car?

This is the problem without standard answers, but Xiaopeng cars are trying to give their own solutions.

The automatic driving assistance system of Xiaopeng Auto, Sterregation This year, XPilot 3.0 covers the automatic auxiliary driving, all-time voice, music cockpit, application ecology, and user car habits, a total of additional modules. More than 40 new features, and achieve more than 200 user experience optimization.

In 10 days, Xiaopeng P7 OTA upgrade rate has reached 97.29%, of which XPilot 3.0 core function NGP automatic navigation auxiliary driving system is more popular, called “China’s strongest pilot auxiliary driving system”.

He Xiaopeng pointed out that NGP has been activated as of over 20% of P7, and the accumulated mileage has exceeded 1.3 million kilometers. This proportion of super-Tesra’s FSD automatic driving service, know Mask At the 4th quarter of 2020, he said that China Tesla owner only bought (FSD).

And the data shows that in the P7 that has activated NGP, the mileage permeability of February, that is, the current NGP use mileage divided by NGP / 50%.

The significance behind this data is far-reaching, which means that Xiaopeng’s users are getting used to using NGP. It is not difficult to imagine that many users may depend on this, so He Xiaopeng believes in full, “in the near future will be automatically driving Will be the most important point of user decision-making. “

In order to further show the strength of NGP, Xiaopeng cars recently announced that Xiaopeng NGP 3,000 kilometers long challenge activities will be launched on March 19th to 26. The event will start from Guangzhou, and finally arrived in Beijing, 3675 kilometers per process, which can use NGP functional mileage more than 3,000 kilometers.

In addition to the NGP of the user, the automatic parking function of Xiaopeng Automobile is also in the country. The data shows that Xiaopeng users have time consuming 32.3 seconds, and the parking scene coverage is 85. %.

In Xpilot 3.0, the automatic parking function is further optimized, and Xpilot 3.0 brings a parking lot parking function. Xiaopeng Automobile has introduced a parking space identification scheme based on visual and ultrasonic double fusion in the industry. It is known as the world’s first self-parking system, which expands parking range to “last kilometers.” “.

Due to the excellent performance of Xpilot3.0, Xiaopeng’s XPilot3.5, 4.0 even in the future 5.0 is coming on the financial conference, He Xiaopeng said that due to the large number of Xpilot 3.0, Xiaopeng is in this The system is more confident, so 3.5, 4.0 will be moderately launched in advance than the original plan. In addition to Xpilot 3.0, Xiaopeng’s intelligent killer is also included in the XMART OS smart cockpit. October last year Xiaopeng has updated XMART OS 2.0, launched the “full scene voice” function, which makes Xiaopeng P7 smart cabin With the world’s first full voice car system, the intelligent voice assistant has exceeded 90% of the average usage rate this year.

Xiaopeng P7’s smart cockpit is still entertaining in driving, and its dual ecosystem is used in the application store and Alipay. Xiaopeng Auto February intelligent report shows that the top three of the car applications are Iqiyi HD, shake, QQ music, which means that Xiaopeng’s smart cockpit has been largely replaced by the function of the mobile phone.

The rich intelligent ability is successfully enhancing the revenue potential of Xiaopeng. He Xiaopeng stated in the conference call to take a higher level of charge for different versions of higher level XPilot, “” Overall, it will be more and more high, this is unquestionable. “

More fierce 2021

2020 has passed, but the competition between new products is still continuous. As the newly invasive players are increasing, the market competition has intensified.

As a new car, the US stocks listed on the US stock market, ideal, Xiaopeng become the focus of concern in the industry, and the current three still have an action of 2021.

In a comprehensive, Xiaopeng’s movement is in three, and it is the only enterprise with a new car listed and can deliver.

In March 2021, P7 Peng Wing Edition, which appeared in Guangzhou Auto Show, will begin formal delivery. The main avant-garde design is equipped with a super-run shear door, and it is standard for XPilot 3.0 system, the main high-end coupe;

In April, the G3 model equipped with lithium iron phosphate batteries will begin to deliver; in May, 2021 Xiaopeng car P7 two models equipped with Xiaopeng after the lithium iron phosphate battery, Zhizhi, Zhizun Edition is expected Start delivery;

In addition, in the third quarter of 2021, the medium-term change model of G3 will be delivered;

Moreover, it is in the fourth quarter of 2021. According to the conference call, Xiaopeng third model is a +-grade smart pure electric car is also a new car called P5 by the outside world, which is expected to be delivered in the fourth quarter.

The model will use LIVOX’s car grade laser radar, which is the world’s first mass production intelligent electric vehicle equipped with laser radar. It not only has innovative third-generation smart cabins, but also supports XPilot 3.0 function, partially configuring lasers. Radar’s model will also support XPilot 3.5.

A multi-model model is launched, so that Xiaopeng cars ushered in product line collective eruption, rich product lines allow Xiaopeng to cover more users, thus running horses, and expanding market share.

In addition to the expansion of the product line, 2021 Xiaopeng will continue to strengthen its research and development strength. At the financial report, He Xiaopeng said that compared with 2020, Xiaopeng will have a large proportion of enhancements in R & D in 2021, and will carry out automatic driving software, hardware, data, algorithm, next-generation automatic driving technology. Very large investment. “It is expected that the number of developers will probably exceeded before the end of 2021.”

With the increasing demand for smart electric vehicles, Xiaopeng Auto will continue to strengthen the international market in 2021 this year, will continue to strengthen in international organization, product, research and development, brand, channels.

Qi head is incorporated, and more than 2021, the players in China’s smart car market will meet a more ferocious and more offensive Xiaopeng. In the fast-evolved smart car market, this play will change the market pattern and it is worthwearing to look forward to.

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