With the emphasis on environmental issues, it also caused changes in the air industry in the automotive industry, from the past diesel, fuel trucks, turned into a commonly used pure electric vehicle model, plugging mixed model. The name of the new energy car has also begun to go deep into the hearts, and many domestic and foreign cars have begun to force new energy vehicles.

Under the stimulation of domestic new energy market subsidies, the earliest car company rushed to subsidize a wide variety of micro electric vehicles, and also gave people a pure electric car to buy a vegetable car, un practical concept. At this time, the major cars have not had enough attention to this field until the pure electric car giant Tesla is born, and the two of the two people who have a luxury car model X and Model S will capture countless might. It is realized that the pure electric car can have the battery life of the fuel car, plus fast charge technology, so that charging is not a problem that plagues pure electric cars. It can be said that the new energy vehicle market can be gradually recognized by the global owners, and it is unknown.

And for this car company, I believe many people are also familiar, especially their CEO Mask is impressive. From Mars Plan, people feel that this giant dare to do it. After the Bitcoin wind tide, use Tesla’s great powers to use Bitcoin to buy Tesla, all of which are surprised. Today, this Tesra Cybertruck is also inseparable from Mask’s bake. At the previous conference, in order to highlight the rebirth glass of this new car, Mask called Tesra Chief Designer Franzvonholzhausen’s armored glass with a metal ball, but the script is expected to be expected, the glass should be Broken. This also makes many netizens say that the new car appearance show is the speculation or really turned into the car?

Today’s protagonist is this online burst of Tesla Cybertruck. On March 8, Mask Twitter said that this electric pickup will release information and functional display on this new car in the second quarter and delivery time. . In this prior to Tesla, Tesla CyberTruck has basically completed, and there will be subtle modes, and it is expected to be delivered in early 2022. Mask even said if it is smooth, it is expected to pay a batch at the end of 2021.

And Mask, which will also indicate that this plant is undergriculture in the super factory in Texas, and this plant is undergriculture. According to the photos exported to overseas, it can be seen that the buildings in the factory have been completed. According to Tesla’s plan, the first batch of Tesra Cybertruck will begin at the end of 2021.

For this shape of the pure electric “armored car”, do you expect it to start production as soon as possible?

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