“Re-reader” reply? Open the door to see the mountain reply? Don’t understand how to reply? Binbin ritual reply? Concise concise reply? The director of the car enterprise in this year each walks different factions, and each other can do their best in different styles. The annual 315 is coming, “Taoist said car” editor specially selected the interaction of car enterprises in a three-party investor interactive platform from March 1st to 2021, 2021, passed The interactive relationship between the secret and investigators of different car companies is classified on their interactive performance. These “Fancy Reply” is exposed to the individual characteristics of the secrets of different car companies.

“Re-reader” reply

The proportion of listed car companies that practice reused machine-based responses is not a small number, including Herch’s famous SAIC Group in this ranks, from March 1, 202, March 1, 2021, SAIC Group in a investor A total of 264 questions were received on the interactive platform. Basic each problem replied, but the basic, each problem is the scripture of the official “reader”. With “Dear Investors, thank you for your attention to the SAIC Group”, you can walk the world. From the company’s questions from the secretary of the secret, many problems can be found very specific. For some questions with strong emotional color, they will be basically blocked by this reply. And some objective problems, the secret is not a colored road, and it will be directly replied when you ask the SAIC red time, related product development, business layout and operation. Direct reply.

Although there are thousands of autumn, “readers” reply is particularly easy to use, similar to this large-scale reputation “Re-reader”, and Jianghuai Auto, Shuguang Shares, Beiqi Blue Valley, Jiangling Automobile, etc.

Open the door to see the mountain reply

Compared to some “readers” reply to some listed car enterprises, some companies express “Tan Tan”, basic all issues are targeted, seeing mountain replies, this is to mention The secret secret of Changan Auto, even if it faces some questions with subjective color, there is no blink of talk. Although the reply’s speech is a positive official tone, there is no choice of escaping resequences, and it is answered on the problem itself. In addition, the secret secret of Changan Automobile is a reply in the financial situation of the company’s sales product, it is a self – having a “set”. It is basically about what is the company. Please take the official release for this A sentence of the fill.

Similar to Changan Auto opens, there is also Lifan shares, Dongfeng Automobile, etc. Although most of these cars have a reply to open the door, it is not afraid to answer the embarrassment. “Taoist said car” editor, randomly saw a funny Dongfeng car question and answer, investors asked Dongfeng Express to produce your company? Dongfeng Motor has a change in normal and universal discharge. It can be described as a questionless sincerity, an answered inexplicable.

Don’t understand, ask a reply

In fact, in a variety of complex issues, the secretini’s secrets are not able to answer all the questions reasonably. Therefore, the secret secret of some companies fully carry forward the attitude of “knowing the knowledge, I don’t know if I don’t know.” For example, the secret secret of the Great Wall car has such a high frequency in a large number of reply – Hello! Thank you for your suggestions, you have given your recommendations to the relevant departments. Although this reply may also become another form of “set”, but this response shows that not all questions can be answered in the secret secret, but the secret is not overlooked to every investor. I will recommend your question to the corresponding department, which makes people feel very responsible, especially in the reply, “has been” this word, indicating that the result is more heart, which is more Only “Thank you for your suggestion” this reply mode of car companies have essentially different.

Binbin ritual reply

Although the secret secret of each car enterprise will have one or more respects on the question, but in this, the most polite but the secret of the Yutong bus. Basic Every reply is a respected investor Hello, and it is a thank you for your attention to the corresponding regular sentences before and after. Although Yutong Bus has only 74 interactive repels, but in each simple and low-key, it is a heart that is deeply thoughtful.

Concise concise reply

Pulling BYD’s secretary reply would find, “Hello! Thank you for your suggestion!” This sentence runs almost all the questions. In fact, BYD’s big concise concise concise response mainly comes from it has a group of most worried investors. Through the question and answer on a investor interactive platform, BYD’s investors seem to be particularly good, most of the issues are for BYD in products, markets. However, in the face of so many shares, BYD’s secrets have always been strict and simple, and the reply of clear colors is: Hello! Thank you for your suggestion!

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