Recently, the National People’s Congress representative, the party secretary of the SAIC, Chen Hong, chairman Chen Hong, in consideration of the “Government Work Report”, how to accelerate the innovation transformation, upgrade development, and talk about the self-cultivation and experience of the automotive industry.

Chen Hong said that in the next few years, my country’s automobile industry is entering the upgrade of new and old development kinetic energy conversion, opportunities and challenges.

Chen Hong believes that on the one hand, the central government puts forward new development patterns, which is conducive to the continuous recovery of domestic cars. Expanding domestic demand strategies will increase the consumption potential of China’s oversized market; innovative drive strategy will create better development environments for the improvement and upgrading of domestic car companies; higher levels will help China’s car enterprises into the world.

On the other hand, developing new movements with electric intelligence characteristics, and is constructed from a new track of the next round of automotive industry. This new track, combines new energy, new materials and Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence, etc., and new product forms and business models. On this new track, there have been many players such as traditional car companies, new power, cross-border entrants, and a new competitive structure is gradually formed.

“For the SAIC, we must not only seize the market opportunities brought by the central construction of new development patterns, but also stronger to do strong innovation engines, entering the new track at full speed, helping my country to speed up the auto power,” Chen Hong said that The SAIC has made great progress in electricity, intelligent network, software, and brand upgrade.

Looking forward to “14th Five-Year Plan”, SAIC will be the main starting of the core capacity of independent brands, with the major innovation results, which are continuously landed, with digital transformation into support, and fully promote innovation transformation and upgrading.

It is reported that in the next five years, the sales volume of SAIC’s new energy vehicles will be raised from about 6%, further increased to 20%.

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