A few days ago, @ 不 看 车 把 特 中心 中心 中心 中心 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 中心 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天Because of the sensor problem, it took 8 days from Saturday to Monday, just included 2 oil-limit, one of the limited numbering days, suffered bad weather. In these 8 days, Zhang Tai Gunqin and the first step in the children and under the school, she did her previously opened a lot of manual torture.

It is this 8 days, completely changed her views of Tesla, and even changed a 3-year-old child to Tesla. The main performance is as follows:

1. Previously, she always sprayed into a scrap iron, and it felt worthy of its price completely, and he could not threaten this car at any time. But in the weekend two days, she complained that many repairs were too long, I hope to take the car home earlier.

2, 3 year old daughter, because of the way to go to the hospital, it is sitting Tesla on the road to the hospital, so the vast majority of car opportunities after birth is Sitla. It may be because of freshness, I ask her to prefer a little wolf (LaVida) or small (Tesra Model S), she said that I like a small wolf. However, after these days, the continuous ride experience, her mother feedback, the child has asked her how many times: Xiate is coming back? How do you not come back? I want a small special!

3, Zhang Tan has opened a lot of years, which is very familiar with this car, but this time I used it, even after a week, I still went out with me, I was turned off 2 times. It has already shown a significant discomfort, and this discomfort is not slow for one week.

4, Zhang Tai complained that I didn’t feel the chassis of LaVida before, and I didn’t have a shock. I can only tell her that Tesla Model S is already hard, and other models are more comfortable.

5, she finally realized that the convenience of the unlimited number. On Monday, snowfall, frozen, super cold, she opened the car to the road to think of the limit, so I rushed to find a small road and stopped. Then change the taxi to kindergarten and work unit, with children, holding things, and rain, this is easy to imagine. At noon, I took a taxi at noon. I took a taxi at night. I took a child. I tossed this day, let her fully experience a family that has no car! Because of this, I heard that I heard the car yesterday, I will go back to my home immediately.

The things happened in these days, reminds me of Ge Grande’s classic movie “Party A Party B”, Ge You helped the rich, giving it to the remote countryside, forgot, and then think of going back, the rich has been tortured. I didn’t have adults, my eyes were green, almost stolen the whole village.

This is the way life, people who have lived in a comfortable area, will never know how happiness they have.

Tesla’s car owners, have you experienced the situation that you have to return to the oil truck? What are the discomfort? Welcome to share.

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