In the field of micro electric vehicles, Wuling Hongguang Mini EV can be described as a head, some people say it is high, but the most critical reason is its cost performance. Talk about the value, Beiqi new energy Lite can be more cute than Mitsubarahong mini EV, but why not sell seat?

First, its overall shape is very small, the body is only 2986mm, and the length of the body is like a motorcycle in the parking space, is it super simple. Its front face is not the kind of simple feeling, the whole face still has a wild sexy in the front, and the unevenness of the front face is very moving. On the two sides, the headlights used a bright black trim panel, and the shape of the headlights met the style of the whole face, but there was another feeling of dumbity. The bottom of the bottom is surrounded by the entire extension to the long eyebrows. Although the design is very mini, the height of the front face is still very strong.

When I arrived on the side, I felt a style, compared to the wild charm of the front face, and more cute more. Two-color body design, white roof plus the black box box, creating a fierce hood running. There is a prominent design that extends the end of the car, and the squares of the entire side are stronger, and it is not a common round of cute wind. The four-leaf shape design of the hub is also aesthetically pleasing, it is very uniform in the whole.

The shape of the tail is similar to the design style of the front face. It is also a black ornament to connect both the headlights. It is interesting to be the bottom design. It is like a kitten. This will be angry with you. This can be seen that although the whole car is small, it is not a complete and interesting, it is still very interesting.

The overall style of the interior is also not too cute, but there are some rounded cute elements to add, plus the entire black silver color matching, the interior creates a kind of “I am cool, but I am also very Cute “inner activities. There are also many screens on the center console. It has been a screen for the Sino-control station before the deputy driving. This is what the sisters who want to be in the car can play games in front of the central control screen?

In terms of power, Beiqi new energy Lite is equipped with 40 kW of electric motor, the maximum torque is 140N.m, and the battery is reached 300km. So seemingly motivated, the battery is not poor than Mitsubaishong MINI EV, and the problem is actually the price. It is understood that the price of Beiqi New Energy Lite is 1.11.08 million to 126,800, such a price is fully able to buy a good A-class car, which has become a stumbling block that hinders North Stroke New Energy Lite.

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