The two sessions are in full swing, and my country is currently working with air pollution problems, especially: “carbon neutral” problem. The most important reason for air pollution is the car exhaust emissions, so my country is currently supporting the research and development of new energy vehicles. But now limit the main factors in which new energy automobile R & D work advancement has two points: First, the mileage problem; this second is to charge the new energy vehicle. In other words, who can solve the problem of new energy car charging, whoever stood above the wind. And there is a component of the charging pile to say that “cable”, today Xiaobian to analyze some key knowledge points of the charging pile cable, teach you how to choose a good charging pile cable.

A good charging pile cable requires the following criteria:

1. Conductor section:

(1) Number of cores: 2 core, 3 core, 4 core, 5 mandrel or without signal control line. (Note: The conductor belongs to the specification of the specification of EN60228.)

(2) Tin plating or non-tinning surface on the surface of the conductor.

(3) Recommended wire cross-section specifications: 0, 5mm2, 1 mm2, 1, 5 mm2, 2, 5 mm2, 4 mm2, 6 mm2, 10 mm2, 16mm2.

2. Isolation layer:

The charging pile cable standard allows the use of a suitable material to wind a conductor as an isolation layer.

3. Insulation:

(1) The conductor must be coated with a specified insulating material, and shall not be used to use the materials other than the standard.

(2) Insulation must be a packet, and must be solid and uniform. After removing the insulating layer, it must not be injured in the insulation itself and the tin plating layer that may exist just mentioned.

(3) The value of the insulating thickness must meet the specified standard value. And the average of the insulating thickness cannot be less than the predetermined value, the thickness of the thinner at the thinner should not be less than 90% of the specified value.

4. Core and fill:

(1) The core wire must be stranded.

(2) According to the charging pile cable standard, the charging pile cable allows the use of central fillers.

5. Inner Case:

(1) The stranded core line must be coated with an outer sheath or insulation using the same material.

(2) The inner sheath must be squeezed on the insulating core wire, allowing the voids between the insulating lines to form a actual circular shape.

(3) It is not possible to produce harmful ergonomics between the inner sheath and insulation.

(4) The inside guard cannot be adhered to the insulated core wire.

(5) The thickness of the inner sheath must satisfy the standard thickness.

6. Shield:

(1) Shielding shielding of bare copper wire or tinned copper wire should be covered with the inner sheath.

(2) The nominal diameter of the copper wire can comply with the given value of the charging pile cable standard.

(3) The total twisted portion of the shielding length is in 100 mm, the ranting angle, and the filling coefficient need to be fully compliant with the standard requirements.

7. Sheath or outer jacket:

(1) You must use the specified sheath material to cover the shield or stranded core wire.

(2) The outer sheath must be a single-layer shelter, and must be closely matched with each other, but cannot be adhered to each other between the shield and the core wire.

(3) The specified value of the sheath thickness must meet the standards.

(4) The average of the thickness of the sheath cannot be less than the specified value of the charging pile cable standard, the thickness of the weakest place should not be less than 85% of the specified value.

How do you calculate how much the charging pile uses more cables

1. The charging pile has a single phase and the three phases, regardless of the double phase or a single phase, how big is the first to convert the exchange line current.

(1) For single-phase charging pile (AC charging pile) i = p / u

(2) For three-phase charging pile (DC charging pile) i = p / (u * 1.732)

After calculating the current, select the cable according to the current size.

2, cable selection can be related to the relevant manual or procedures such as:

(1) Single-phase charging pile is generally 7kW (AC charging pile) I = p / u = 7000/220 = 32A should use 4 square millimeter copper core cable.

(2) Three-phase charging pile (DC pile)

15KW current 23A cable 4 square millimeter

30KW current 46A cable 10 square millimeter

60KW current 92A cable 25 square millimeter

90KW current 120A cable 35 square millimeter

All charging piles should have zero lines and ground. Therefore, single-phase must be three-core cable, three-phase, five-core cable.

Precautions for charging pile cable:

1, regular inspection of circuit insulation performance

Under normal circumstances, the quality of the charging pile cable has a good insulation effect, but the charging pressure in the open environment will inevitably be worn, in order to ensure the safety of charging piles, the normal use, we must check the charging pile cable regularly Whether the cable wires such as switches and sockets proceed, only in this way ensures the safety and durability of the charging pile cable.

2, stay away from water and wet position

Although the charging pile cable has a waterproof function, it has a certain hidden danger for a long time in a humid environment. Therefore, when installing the charging pile cable, it should be far from the water source to avoid short-circuit issues caused by the charging pile cable. When using the mobile charging pile cable, try to choose dry, flat ground, so that the charging pile cable is safe to use. 3. Avoid overloaded

Nowadays, the domestic professional charging pile cable has multiple different power sockets, which can achieve different power electric vehicles charging requirements. However, it is important to note that the same charging pile cannot use multiple power excessive electrical appliances to avoid damage due to excessive load to charge the charging pile cable.

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