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Short-distance electricity, long-distance oil, plugging mix (increasing memory is also insertion mixing) New energy automotive technology is also the transition technology in the mouth.

Most car companies are very like to make production plug-in mixing models, only need to change in the existing fuel model, do not need to develop a new platform like pure electric vehicles, saving development time, and saving development Cost, but also get the corresponding new energy points, even if the final product is not enough, it will not be able to go.

Vehicle production, add various propaganda, such as Tiguan L Phev, a large SUV, 100 kilometers, a large-scale SUV, with a 1.4T engine 100 kilometers to speed up 8.2S, and many consumers are still willing to pick up.

At the same time, insertion mixing combines the advantages of fuel cars and pure electric vehicles, both fuel cars have no energy-saving and emission reduction, saving energy-saving and emission reduction, saving oil (cost), free purchase (car purchase) Cost), unlimited resident (time cost) and many other advantages.

In fact, inserting a mixed model “province”, this is not an absolute answer.

First, the plug-in mixing model is generally more than 20,000 yuan than the equivalents of pure fuel cars, with the gradual decline in new energy car subsidies, the cost of car has a certain rise, even if it is 20,000 yuan, How long does it take to save oil money?

Secondly, the plug-in mixing model has the characteristics of “can charging, can refuel”. Many owners are convenient for the map. Many times are foal running, and the actual fuel consumption running is far higher than the same level of pure fuel cars, especially charging resources. The lack of cities (more vehicles that need to be charged, less charging resources), and the cost of using can’t drop.

In addition, the mixing mix of “fragrance” on the surface is being lost.

On February 10th, the first day of the 2021 Spring Festival holiday, the General Office of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government issued “Shanghai Encourage Purchase and Using New Energy Automobile Implementation Measures”, the policy clearly pointed out: from 2023 1 From the beginning of the month, consumers buy plug-in hybrid (including extension) cars, Shanghai will no longer issue special licensed volumes.

In other words, Shanghai this movement encourages the development of pure electric vehicles, controlling the development of excessive new energy products (insertion, and increasing times).

Before Beijing, now Shanghai, which city will be?

The so-called propaganda is better, not the enemy policy, that is, the case.

Therefore, the author believes that the traditional, with “speculative” plugging is being lost, and the plug-in mixing / mixing of energy saving and emission reduction is the current “fragrant”, such as the BYD DM- I, Great Wall Lemon Mix DHT is a mixed mix.

On March 8, BYD Qin Plus DM-I was officially listed, and the price range of 10.58-14.58 million, a price that is different from the fuel truck, you dare to believe this is a plug-in mixing model?

The new car also provides 8.32kWh, 18.32kWh, two different capacity blade batteries, can support 55km, 120km pure electrical constant mileage, meet different users’ demand for zero-emissions green travel, even if the loss of electricity is only It is 3.8L / 100km, and the speed of acceleration can also reach the fastest 7.3s.

There is no doubt that this is a mixed product that really brought the benefits of consumers.

Write in the last: Compared to previous, insertion is really lost, the policy is not cut off all the ideas of plugging over, but it is forced to have the ability to develop better, no The ability is concentrated in pure electric technology.

As for the model that is mixed in order to plugging, in front of BYD DM-I, Great Wall Lemon Mixed DHT, there is neither price advantage, no fuel consumption, change again, how many consumers will pick up the bag ?

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