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01 Geely Subcommittee Baidu Automobile Cooperation Establishment

On March 2, according to the investigation of the appraisal, Baidu and Geely official establishment of the model. The registered capital of 200 million yuan, the statutory representative is a flat. Business scope includes technology services, technology development, technical consultation, technical exchange, technology transfer, technical promotion; automotive parts and accessories manufacturing.

As early as January 11 this year, Baidu announced the establishment of an electric car company with Geely Motors to enter the automotive industry with a vehicle manufacturer. On February 20th, at Baidu 2020 Four-Quarter Performance Conference, Baidu CEO Li Yanhong said the new brand of electric vehicle companies that have established a joint venture with Geely, and it is planned to launch a new smart electric vehicle in three years. Subsequently, Baidu was confirmed that the original Mogoon bicycle jointly founder and CTO Xia Yiping had been served as Baidu Intelligent Motor Ceramid CEO.

02 It is a company name to establish a company name to establish a company name to Jianghuai.

Jianghuai Automobile officially learned that Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Co., Ltd. is signing the joint venture letter of the company, and the name of the joint venture company is developed as “Jiang Lai Advanced Manufacturing Technology (Anhui) Co., Ltd.”.

The registered capital of the joint venture company is developed for RMB Wuyi. Jianghuai Automobile proposed to pay RMB 100 million, paying by RMB cash, accounting for 50% of the total registered capital (51%); it is proposed to support the RMB 100 million The renminbi cash payment, accounting for 49% (49%) of the total registered capital.

03 January 37,000 Wuling Hongguang first won the global electric vehicle

On March 2, the global electric vehicle sales research institution EV Sales released the data, which showed that Mili Hong Kong MINI EV ranked first in 37,000 units in January this year. O) Model 3 (22,000), and this is Mili Hong Kong MINI EV for the first time to win the global electric vehicle sales champion. It is worth noting that the number of electric models ranked third is Model Y (9597), while Model 3 and Model Y is still lower than the sales of Mitsubarahong Mini EV.

04 Four quarter earnings release: 2020 increased by 107.8%

Beijing time March 2 (March 1, 2021, 2002) After the US stock market closed, it was a car to release the fourth quarter of 2020 and the annual financial report. The fourth quarter of 2020 was 664 billion yuan, an increase of 46.7% from the previous year, and the total annual revenue was 16.2579 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 107.8%.

The car was announced, and the number of delivery in the fourth quarter of 2020 was 17,353. These include 4,873 ES8, 7574 ES6 and 4906 EC6, EC6 model sales exceed ES8 and ES6 in December. In contrast, 8,224 vehicles were delivered in the fourth quarter of 2019, and 12,206 vehicles were delivered in the third quarter of 2020. In 2020, the number of delivery was 4,3728, 20,565 in 2019. It is expected that the delivery volume in the first quarter of 2021 is 200,200,500, which will increase by 421% -434% in the same period last year, an increase of 15% -18% from the fourth quarter.

05 two sessions of government work report: increase charging pile, power saving station, etc.

On March 5, 2021, Prime Minister Li Keqiang issued a government work report at the Thirteenth National People’s Congress. In response to the automotive industry, Li Keqiang proposed that the government’s key task of the government includes a stable increase in large consumption such as car, home appliances, and cancel the unreasonable limitations of used cars, increase parking, charging piles, power-saving stations and other facilities, and speed up the construction of power battery recycling system. Comprehensive promotion of high-speed road differentiation charges, resolutely rectify road limit highway wide facilities and inspection card points hindering truck passing. Implement industrial product access system reform, promote production access and circulation management full process reform in automobiles, electronic and electrical appliances.

06 ZTE communication is involved in smart automobile

On March 2, according to ZTE’s disclosure, ZTE issued a document: will set up a smart automotive electronic product line, responsible for co-ordination related R & D and business units, commanding the implementation of foreign principles, corporate calibers and overall operations in this area. With the automotive electronics line, ZTE will set up a car electronic team, which is part of the System Product Technical Planning Department, responsible for unified business planning and operation in the automotive electronic field.

It is understood that ZTE’s initiative is similar to the intelligent car bu as a smart car bu as in the communications field, both of which want to help traditional cars, and do the first-class supplier of the car. The planning of ZTE is that the future will be defined by the software, attach importance to the creation of the automotive basic software platform – operating system, and is ready to meet the new fulcrum industry, and must meet real-time, security, openness.

Foreign news

01 Volvo will only sell pure electric vehicles in 2030

On March 2, Volvo passed the global sustainable development strategy: 2025 to achieve comprehensive electrification, and the proportion of pure tram type will reach 50%, and the rest is a mixed model; 2030 becomes a pure electric luxury car company, each The sales models are pure electric vehicles; in 2040, carbon is realized; all pure tram type will only be sold online. Walvo’s Chief Technology Officer Henrik Green said: “Internal combustion engine cars do not have a long time. We firmly promise that the company will become a pure electric vehicle manufacturer and is completed by 2030. This will allow us to meet the consumer’s expectations and become a mitigation Part of the changed solution. “

02 Fisker Water Solid Battery

Recently, Fisker founder Henrik Fisker said in a recent approach that has already given up the solid-state battery plan. Henrik Fisker said: “This is a kind of technology. When you think you have completed 90%, when you reach the goal, then you realize that the remaining 10% is much more difficult than the previous 90%. So now, us The solid-state battery is completely abandoned because it is really unable to land. “

When Fisker cut off the solid-state battery project, the company has developed for several years. In 2018, Henrik Fisker said that the company has solved some problems related to solid-state batteries, and only the final design can be completed only for months. However, in early 2019, a sports car with Solid State Battery technology was postponed, and the company was returned to Ocean, the latter equipped with more common lithium-ion batteries.

03 2021 Hu Runfu List Release Mask into the world’s richest

On March 2, Hu Lun Institute released the “2021 Hu Run Global Fligacy”, Tesla CEO, Elon Mask, the first time, the world’s richest, total wealth reached 1.28 trillion yuan. Elon Mask is the fourth year of the fourth year who boarded the world’s richest throne. At the same time, he is the world’s richest world in the past decade. Previously, Bill Gates ranked first, Jeff Betzos ranked first, Mexico’s Carlos Slim Elu ranked first.

04 Tesla admitted that some products have defects

A few days ago, an overseas netizen Green exposure showed that Tesra had a quality problem with a sensor of Model Y and Model 3 heat pump air conditioners, and has begun to perform large quantities.

The latest message shows that Tesla Publish Announcement Acknowledged the MODEL 3 and MODEL Y, which produced by the heat pump air conditioner produced during 2020 to 2021, the three refrigerant pressure / temperature sensors in the heat pump air conditioner will be in the transition of time. malfunction. In this regard, Tesla indicates that it will repair the defective vehicle. According to the data, the sensor that the model needs to be replaced will be three, which is often 1.5 hours.

05 Volkswagen release “acceleration strategy” accelerated digital, electricization and other development

On March 5, Beijing time, the Volkswagen released the Accelerate strategy to accelerate the transformation of the software drive-type mobile travel service provider. Volkswagen is accelerating the study of other major issues in the future: Car software integration and digital user experience will become important core competitiveness.

Ralf BrandStatter, CEO, Volkswagen Passenger Car, said: “Electric cars is just a beginning, the real change is still in front. Through this strategy, we will accelerate the pace of digital future. In the next few years, the Volkswagen will welcome Come unprecedented changes. “

It is reported that Volkswagen will invest about 16 billion euros in 2025 for future trends for electric vehicles, hybrid power and digitalization. In order to provide funding to future large-scale projects, the company will systematically improve efficiency through Accelerate strategies. By 2023, the Volkswagen target reached at least 6% of business profit margins and kept this level for a long time.

06 Honda released the first L3 automatic driving car

On March 4, this field announced that the new model of the L3 automatic driving function will be listed on March 5, which has become the world’s first L3-level production in the world. It is reported that the new car will first sell in the Japanese market, with tax-included price is 11 million yen (equivalent to RMB 6.58 million), as a special vehicle for rent, initially limited production and sales of 100 vehicles.

As early as November last year, Honda was incorporated into a production plan, according to the time planning, the company will launch a luxury flagship model with L3 before the end of March 2021. From the present information, Honda’s production blueprint is working smoothly according to the plan.

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