When it comes to the luxury car, I feel that the current luxury car has different definitions. Most of the luxury cars is to watch the price. The price is millions, even if the color is low, it is also a recognized pull-up car, and the past luxury car It can be said that the brand is on the one hand, the color of the cool look is to capture the cause of countless people. Recently, the official map of the new BMW M440i convertible is released as a luxury brand. Such a luxury car is a confession and is a real luxury car in people’s heart.

In terms of appearance, the front of the body is overall, so that this new car has explosive. The new BMW M440i convertible also continues the family-type dual kidney design, just that the left and right sides are more compact, it seems more like a feeling of super run. The front headlight design on both sides looks more integrated, with the unique shape of the air power in the left and right side, and the face of the corruption of the robot is similar to the face of the robot. It is cool to the extreme. It is understood that this new car is also adding a medium and cold air.

As a luxurious convertible, the identity of the convertible is more concerned. The new BMW M440i convertible version uses a soft top-top design, which can be completely gathered back to the trunk. From the side of the body side, the muscular waistline design and the hidden hip design of the tail, plus the narrow spacing of the wheel arch and hub, so that this car looks full of sports charm, it seems to be a tiger that is ready to go.

In the tail section, the taillights and rectangular exhaust port designers on both sides of the soft curve design also make this car full of fashion sport.

In the interior, the new BMW M440i convertible version uses two 12.3-inch UI design full LCD instrument panels and suspended medium control screen design, so that there is more technology in the car. The three multi-function steering wheels and electronic files also make this car with a more comfortable driving experience. It is worth mentioning that this new car is also equipped with the latest iDrive7 intelligent interconnection system of BMW.

In the dynamic performance, the new BMW M440i convertible is equipped with a 3.0T turbocharger engine, and the 48V light mixing system, the maximum power can reach 275kW, the maximum torque is 400N · m. Match an 8-speed automatic transmission, 100 kilometers acceleration is only 4.9 seconds, and this new car is expected to be listed in this year.

It has always been a leader in the German brand. After the Mercedes-Benz frequent problem last year, BMW has also become a lot of car owners who are preparing to enter the hand. More than these elements of the BMW have brought more than the young sports fashion than the stability of Mercedes-Benz brought people. For this new M440i convertible version of this BMW, are you a heart?

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