China’s famous auto air conditioning manufacturer – Sanden Huayu Automotive Air-Conditioning Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as “Wan Domain Three Electricity”) and Global Well-known Semiconductor Manufacturers – Roma (Rohm CO., LTD., hereinafter referred to as “Rom”) has established a “Technology Joint Laboratory” in the Wankeen Sad School, located in Shanghai, China, held a launching ceremony in January 2021.

Wang Jun (right) and Roma Semiconductor (Shanghai) Lei Ni (left)

Since the development of technical exchanges in China in 2018, both parties have established cooperative relationships in carrying out-of-vehicle application product development using advanced power components such as IGBT. After more than two years of technical exchange, the Roma IGBT power components and the electrical compressors of the peripheral components were successfully put into mass production in October 2020.

The joint laboratory established is equipped with test equipment that can be evaluated by car air-centered on-vehicle applications, as well as important equipment such as test devices that can be evaluated by components.

In the future, the two sides will further strengthen cooperative relationships, but also the power components of Roma, but also further advance the assessment of IPM combined with IC and peripheral components to accelerate innovative solutions.

Yao Yao, a three-electric general engineer in the Wan Domain, said: “Since 2018, Rome is the third-level power component product in China, both parties include high-level exchanges. As the result of more than two years of technical exchange, the Chinese domain three Electric development has adopted IGBT in-vehicle applications and successfully achieved production in 2020, which we are very happy. The joint laboratory established, showing further deepening between the two companies, we look forward to through perfect equipment , Get more excellent technical support. “

Romo’s senior executive CSO business, Senior Executive Officer, is said: “We are very happy to be able to establish a joint laboratory with advanced enterprises in the automotive air conditioning field – Rom is advancing from Si power components (IGBT, MOSFETs to SiC power components, etc., and through power solutions combined with external components such as driver ICs, the two sides will strengthen the joint laboratory Cooperative relationship, with a combination of customer needs and power supply solutions for automotive technological innovation. “

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