Recently, according to the relevant information of foreign media, the Volkswagen will automatically drive the ID. Buzz electric vehicle, since the concept of this car, have gained a large number of consumers’ attention and love. To talk about the front of this car, it can be traced back to early 1950, there have been such a public MPV, which is also favored by many people, that is, the public T1, rich diversity and retro look, indeed To a large extent, people met the fantasy of the camping car. Until the public ID. The debut of the Buzz concept car, to a certain extent, the face of T1 is somewhat, and officially ignite the enthusiasm of the fans.

(Photo shows Volkswagen T1)

This public ID. Buzz is positioned as MPV, and the overall appearance takes the mass T series design style, and the appearance of the upgrade is more in line with the current aesthetic trend. The head profile is very round, the front headlights do not have the circle of the initial generation, the lower LED daytime running light adopts the hexagonal honeycomb design, further proves its electricity, the door handle is used to hide the design, charge The mouth is set under the taillight, and the reasonable application of a large arc element and the addition of electric elements have made the whole vehicle shape.

In terms of interior, ID. Buzz’s car is not retro, but the technology is full, the steering wheel is like a huge game handle, the rounded rectangular shape is mixed with a simple and clear button, and the operation of the shift is also set directly. On the steering wheel, the central control of the large screen is rid of a simple PAD, and there is a track below. In addition, several tracks are also set under the seat, and the specific role is to completely release the ID. Buzz’s internal space, the combination of vast change Realize a variety of layout scenes, whether it is a regular six, or 4 people to sit, and even temporarily doing the work desk function in the car, unlimited may be very exciting.

In terms of power, the new car is used as a pure electric MVP or will be equipped with the double motor system before and after, and the maximum horsepower reaches 374 ps. The battery pack with a battery capacity is a battery pack that provides a 600km battery, and the battery capacity has an optional configuration of 45 kWh, 58kWh and 77kWh. As a pure electric, the automatic driving technology equipped by the mass MEB electric power platform is provided by the Volkswagen and Ford, and the official personnel show that its goal is to develop a automatic driving similar to MOIA. Commercial cars can realize that people and cars will call at any time via the mobile app.

Volkswagen ID. Buzz’s product line can continue to expand, in addition to the position of home travel, the camping, luxury business, pickup will be a good direction, and it is expected to open the era of electric housing vehicles, a fun-free automatic driving. Road trips are more than just dreams.

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