With the continuous advancement and development of hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry, the hydrogen fuel heavy card is becoming a new trend!

Figure 1 Mercedes-Benz liquid hydrogen card genh2

In recent years, the fuel cell heavy truck has become the fragrant bleak in all major car companies in the world. Many car companies have launched the related hydrogen fuel cell heavy truck products, such as the public, Volvo, Daimler Mercedes, modern automakers, have officially announced The layout of the hydrogen fuel cell heavy card has successively launched a genh2 liquid hydrogen card concept car, Xcient Fuel Cell mass production.

From the domestic cars, there are currently including liberation, Beiqi Futian, Dongfeng, Hongrui, Shaanxi Auto, Jiangling, Da Yun, Jinlong, SAIC IV, and Feichi, etc. Introduce related hydrogen fuel heavy truck products, of which Beiqi Futian officially Release the world’s first 32T liquid hydrogen card, North Benben heavy steam, hydrogen fuel battery sanitation heavy card official offline, Suzhou Jinlong 60 hydrogen fuel cell heavy trucks officially delivered in Shanghai Baoshuba, Guangzhou released 500 hydrogen fuel cell self-unloading garbage Car purchase bidding … can be seen, hydrogen fuel heavy truck development momentum is hot!

With the continuous flooding into new players and market order protection, do they usher in a development opportunity in 2021? The hydrogen chain is determined.

First, the hydrogen fuel cell heavy card is ready to go

In September 2020, the “Notice on Carrying the Demonstration Application of Fuel Battery Car Demonstration Application”, etc. In terms of policy, it has begun to offset to a hydrogen fuel cell.

Figure 2 Ministry of Finance and other ministries issued the “Notice on the Demonstration Application of Fuel Battery Automobile”

In terms of fuel cell heavy truck type, from 2001, domestic fuel cell vehicles will be taken before 2016 or test and demonstration operations, according to the hydrogen chain database, as of January 2021, 271 fuel cell new models have entered Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Directory. Among them, the fuel cell heavy truck type reached 25. It is worth noting that in the recommendation catalog of the 2020 Correspondence Department, the number of fuel cells is second with the logistics car, and the “two” models of the “bus + logistics car” have broken the “bus + logistics car”, and various special cars have also broken “1 “The limitation begins to step on the stage from 1 to N.

Figure 3 Number of models on the “Recommended Directory” in the past years

Figure 4 is distributed in model types of models on the list

Finally, in terms of market orders, according to hydrogen chain database statistics, from 2020, the national public bidding and news report show that cooperative promotion involves more than 6,000 hydrogen fuel cell heavy trucks. Among them, modern cars were signed with Shanghai Electric Power, Yahua New Energy, Shanghai Rong and Electricity and China Steel Research and Hegang Group, respectively, and China Steel Research and Hegang Group, respectively. The region promotes the pilot project of the hydrogen fuel cell heavy card, and strives to promote 4,000 hydrogen fuel cell heavy cards in 2025; February 8, 2021, Dengran Technology announced that it will achieve more than 1,000 automatic driving + hydrogen capable cards within two years.

Figure 5 2020 hydrogen capacity card market order information summary

Second, “Carbon Neutral”, hydrogen can be the future

In 2020, global multinational announced the “carbon neutral” goal, such as China to achieve “carbon neutrality” in 2060. Hydro-cloud chain consulting industry people have pointed out that “hydrogen” is an important part of the future zero carbon emissions, and the hydrogen energy card for fuel is especially futures, because hydrogen can not only use traditional coal chemical. Come to new application scenarios, which can promote high-profile energy consumption, such as transportation, heating.

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Director of the Chinese Metal Society, Dano Yong pointed out that the heavy card is the most suitable field of hydrogen-enabled, especially combined with the steel transport business, because the steel transport business is high, the route is fixed, the transportation distance is suitable, compare the pure electric truck The hydrogen fuel cell truck is more advantageous in this regard, and it is convenient for the planning and construction of the hydrogen station.

Professor Li Jianqiu, president of the Tsinghua University Vehicle and Carrying Institute, also said that high-power fuel cell engine, liquid hydrogen as a hydrogen storage system and electric drive bridges of the electric wheel will be combined. It is the future commercial vehicle, especially the development direction of heavy truck type.

Third, hydrogen chain

How to accelerate the future hydrogen electric weight card? The hydrogen cloud chain believes that the leader should accelerate the development of various heavy truck applications, speed up the demonstration speed and increase the model size; accelerate the infrastructure promotion speed such as hydrogenation station. In addition, there is a need for a “fuel cell version Tesla” to subvert the story and business model of traditional commercial vehicle logic. As a market detonation point, accelerate the market promotion of hydrogen cars.

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