Referring to Hummer, I believe that most owners think of hard-owned off-road models. It is the case where the model is in the general trend of global electricity, but also to launch a pure electric model. Hummer EV is our protagonist today, recently exposed a group of Hummer EV spy photos. As a pure electric pick-up type, it can be said that there are many attention and curiosity of the owners, and the off-road vehicles are shaking a pure electric pickup. Can you restore domineering? Let’s take a look at this Hummer EV.

As can be seen from the spy photos, this car appearance looks similar to the armored car, as if a steel beast is not affected by the identity of the new energy vehicle. Founded with a heavy head brought a great sense of security. The front headlights on both sides look compact and domineering, and the common hawks-style design on different markets will bring a hard-owned wild wind. The fur-durable guards are installed below the car head, enhance the off-road function of Hummer EV. At the same time, as a pick-up type, the short slot of the short, so that this car looks not to drag the water.

In terms of interior, Hummer EV continues the current configuration, Founder’s LCD dashboard and suspended middle control screen look full of technology, but also makes the interior more painful. The three multi-function steering wheel with the electronic gear rod make the car’s driving experience more excellent. The physical buttons set on the center console, but people feel cool.

In power, Hummer EV will use universal Ultium drive technology to provide dual motors and three motor models. According to guess, this car or will carry a battery pack of 2000kWh capacity, with a maximum battery to reach 563km. The battery shell used by Hummer EV is responsible for the production of new plants established by Santa Clare, Michigan, USA. The factory has announced that the maintenance of soil, and this car will be launched in the third quarter of this year.

Regarding the situation in terms of specific power, although there is no clear data, Hummer dares to launch the EV model, I want to come to the signboard. It is believed that the dual motor, the model of the three motor is still inadequate, but although the battery is sufficient to address the city’s commutation, but as a hard-owned cross country, the endless capacity such as the wild maybe it is difficult to compete, especially the charging problem, I don’t know Hummer EV. How to solve it, only by charging the pile in the city, it can be said to be a stronger for a off-road vehicle.

What kind of views do you have for the EV model you want to launch? Can I have a hard-working cross country with a three motor?

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