September last year, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Development and Reform Commission, and the National Energy Administration, and the National Energy Administration, the national energy bureau is announced that it will originally have subsidized “fuel cell car purchase subsidy policy”, adjusted to only target Hydrogen can demonstrate the subsidy of “Fuel Battery Automobile Demonstration Application Support Policy”.

The policy requires demonstration city for four years, “promoting more than 1,000 fuel cell vehicles that meet related technical indicators, the average bicycle accumulation has more than 30,000 kilometers; it is completed and put into operation standard Hydrogenstation Station.

According to the hydrogen chain database, there is already a list of urban groups reported by 19 provinces and municipal autonomous regions in Beijing, Guangdong, Shandong, Hubei, Jiangsu, Inner Mongolia, and Hebei.

Today, the first month has passed, but the demonstration city group declaration list, the industry, is not exposed. However, the hydrogen cloud chain found that in the last two months, no matter from local government policies, hydrogen fuel batteries, fuel cell-related parts industry, or hydrogen energy supporting infrastructure construction, etc., the continuous emergence, It seems that the fuel cell car demonstration application urban group “famous flower has the master”.

On January 15th, the Modern Motor Group has signed an investment agreement with the Guangzhou Guangzhou Development Zone Government to establish a modern automotive fuel cell system (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., planning production of hydrogen fuel cell systems equipped on Nexo in modern hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

On February 3, Dongfeng Automobile and Foshan Municipal Government, Foshan Xianhu Lab and Foshan South Sea District Government signed a strategic cooperation. According to the agreement, Dongfeng will be combined with Foshan, Nanhai District, which is established to set up a hydrogen fuel cell passenger car demonstration operation team. At the end of 2021, this team is not less than 100, and then continuously expands.

On February 15th, the Chairman of Dongfeng Company, the party committee secretary, Zhang Yanfeng to the trial workshop visited the Dongfeng Technology Center to understand the development of fuel cell vehicles. It is reported that in order to protect the smooth delivery of the X37-FB fuel cell vehicle project, the Trial System of Dongfeng Group Technology Center Quality Verification Center, the Test Team and the FCV team of the prospective research center returned to the post.

On February 18, the official website of Dalian Municipal People’s Government released the Interim Measures for the Management of Hydrogen Station in Dalian. The “Measures” present that Dalian Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Administration is the construction of HHFT and the industry authorities, all districts and counties (pilot zone) housing construction sectors, responsible for the relevant work of the hydrogen station in the region, this approach Since 2021 Beginning on February 18, it is valid for 2 years.

On February 19, Sinopec released hydrogen energy industry planning, in the next five years, the planning layout nearly a thousand hydrogenation stations or oil-hydrogencyclization stations.

On February 21st, the Associated Union of the Association of Ci Rui Holdings and the Sino-Joint Venture Corporation of the Group was announced in Beijing to reach a strategic cooperation in Beijing. According to the cooperation agreement, the two sides will exert their respective advantages, focusing on new energy commercial vehicles, especially hydrogen energy and electric heavy trucks, have achieved comprehensive integration and cooperation.

On February 22nd, the State Council issued the “Guidance Opinions on Accelerating Establishing and Ensuring Green Low Carbon Circular Development Economic System”, suggesting that the green and low-carbon transformation of energy system is proposed. Vigorously promote the development of renewable energy such as hydrogen energy, and also mention the strengthening of hydrogenation and other supporting infrastructure construction.

On February 24th, the deputy secretary of the Chengdu Municipal Party Committee, Wang Fengchao, presided over the 124th executive meeting of the municipal government, formally considered the “Chengdu Hydrogen Station Construction Operation Management Measures (Trial) (Draft)”. It is reported that the “Management Measures” has a total of five chapters of 25, which clarifies the principles, standard specifications, construction types, and encourage direction of the hydrogenation station.

On February 25th, “Shanghai accelerates new energy vehicle development implementation plan (2021-2025)”, in five years, Shanghai’s hydrogen fuel cell car should reach 10,000, and the hydrogen station should exceed 70.

On February 26th, the “Dongguan Municipal People’s Government on Accelerating Some Opinions” (hereinafter referred to as “Some Opinions”) were officially issued. In “Some Opinions”, it is pointed out that it is necessary to cultivate industrial agglomeration in a fuel cell vehicle and power system integrator, with electricity stack, bipolar plate, protonic membrane, etc., promote fuel cell base materials and key components. R & D innovation, further improve the hydrogen production, storage and transportation, and filling hydrogen energy industry chain. Finally create a hydrogen energy industry aggregation area.

On February 27th, the state electricity and investment ancestors said that by the end of 2021, the national power investment will promote the total scale of the hydrogen fuel cell will reach 500. Among them, 10 passenger cars will be put into 2021 Boao Forum and Jilin hydrogen transportation demonstration, and 20 bus services served in Ningbo hydrogen energy transportation. Before 2025, the national electric hydrocarbon fuel cells in automobiles will enter the stage of scale commercialization.

On March 1st, the National People’s Congress representative, the party secretary of the SAIC, Chen Hong, the chairman of the chairman, with the development of green and low-carbon transformation, proposing the “Suggestions on Accelerating Hydrogen Fuel Battery Automobile Industry Policy, Helping the Green Low Carbon Development of Automotive Industry”. It is reported that the proposal proposes from four aspects of national hydrogen policy, regulations, hydrogen production and fuel cell vehicles.

From the above-mentioned Shanghai, Dalian and other regions and representative enterprises such as Sinopec and national electricity investment, the formal announcement of the first batch of fuel cell demonstration urban groups in China has entered countdown, hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry. Development is about to usher in new beginning. Previously, the first selection results were previously shown in the network channel showed that the Beijing urban group, Shanghai urban group, Guangdong urban group, Hebei urban agglomeration, Henan urban agglomeration in the data selection stage; and then in the Ministry of Finance, etc. The review experts represented by the constitution of urban groups, the main tasks and target feasibility, security measures, safety and emergency mechanisms, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Hebei, Henan and other five urban agglomerates Some people pointed out that the above five urban agglomerations have a large chance.

However, the hydrogen cloud chain believes that no matter who the final flowers, in accordance with the policy spirit, most urban agglomeration will not have the first to demonstrate the city list, and the Guangdong area will definitely be a pole of the development of China’s hydrogen energy industry!

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