The fire of the electric vehicle has exceeded the imagination of many people. Even if there is no one going to buy a car, I also chat after the meal, I also chatted with Tesla, BYD and the new forces, and talking about Tesla, always inseparable Open a keyword “price reduction”, from overseas import to domestic, Tesla has experienced many price cuts, and the larger is great, but also a more traditional industry in the car.

In contrast, the price of it is high, but there is no price reduction, and Li Bin has said more than once. It will not launch low-end models without price cuts. It is mainly to protect it. The rights of old owners. In fact, in the eyes of the author, in addition to protecting the old owners, Li Bin also has more hardships, many times not no price reduction, but not really unwilling to reduce the price.

Tesla’s reason is mainly because after domestic production, Tesla’s localization has become more complete, so the cost is continuously lowered, especially for three yuan lithium, launch lithium iron phosphate version. The price has been greatly reduced. Tesla’s concept is actually to do the power of electric vehicles and Toyota, launching a model of a private price, letting more consumers can afford and start Electric vehicle.

And it is not, the brand has always been a high-end model since the birth, although many people have compared it with Tesla, but obviously the market positioning is different, and the price of the model is obvious. It is higher than most electric vehicles, and the subsequent product planning is not too low.

In addition to positioning, the cost of operation is actually very high, almost every trial drive, even when you go to the store, you will deeply feel that the service is very good, they spend A large amount of money for marketing, service, and maintenance of the owner of the car, which is very huge, and it is still in a loss today.

So whether it is Tesla’s price cut, or it is not the price of it, it is a kind of positioning and expansion of its own brand. We are hard to judge who is who is not, who is more eye, just looks out two The car companies are “mad”, a slight threshold for the experience of the old owner, a question of the outside world, still launched another high-end model, saying back, the development of new energy needs diversity, perhaps These “mad” will have a good achievement in the future.

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