The Lunar New Year has just passed, and many friends have returned their jobs. I am used to the leisure time in my home, and the workday’s rushing work must give you a little uncomfortable. Therefore, many friends will buy a car to put a schedule, reward their hard work in the past year, and help themselves deal with the wind and rain in the new year. Today we have to introduce a few cars, the price is not expensive, tens of thousands can be opened home, and green cards have unlimited advantages in many cities, let us take a look.

Changan Benben E-Star

As an electric version of Changan, Changan, the New Year’s design, the design of this Benben E-Star continued to have a family design of Changan, and the intake hole on both sides of the front face is similar to the fish, it looks very dynamic. At the same time, the design of 5 doors also allows passengers to get off and get off, and your holidays have been worked outside, so this is more scientific. The interior of the vehicle is also quite young, and the small range of fluorescent green dotted makes this truck look down, and the double-line screen does not feel this is just a tens of thousands of stepchy cars. As an electric car, the battery is 301 kilometers under the NEDC operating conditions, and it is basically able to meet the work commuting of young people in the city.

Euler black cat

Euler as a new Rise of the emerging electric car, its black cat, white cat, good cat has a good sales performance. The black cat is the lowest model, although low price but not low, the appearance is finaled, and the rounded design elements are filled with all corners of the body. The double color matching body also looks more young. At the same time, the interior portion also continues the exterior of rounded shape, but is subject to cost reasons, and the materials of the interior are also mainly plastic parts. The car life has 351 kilometers, slightly higher than the 301 km of Benn E-STAR.

Chery small ant

If you look at this car from the picture, many people may not accept such a shape. But after I have seen the real car, you will find that the design is still very set. 45 The windshield is integrated with the front face of the vehicle, and the double color matching body is also more in line with the aesthetic trend of the current young people. A short body and a double door design, this car meets the needs of the current couple’s use. In terms of interior, the car uses cortical material in the center console section and the vehicle door handle, and it is more comfortable. Pink coloring also makes many young beauty love. As an electric car, Chery small ant is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor, the maximum power is 30 kW, the maximum torque 120 Ni, the NEDC working condition is 301 kilometers.

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