I believe that many friends will see some of the contents of the car ranks on some short video apps, and the cost of the use of an electric car will be described as a heavenly difference. Is the cost of the electric vehicle and the fuel truck really so big? If you want to drive, don’t you bear over high use costs, do you buy an electric car? Let’s talk today.

According to the latest average oil prices, the price of gasoline 92 is 6.44 yuan / liter, and the average fuel consumption of ordinary household vehicles in the automobile market is 7.68 liters / 100 kilometers, then a comprehensive calculation of a fuel cost of a household fuel car is 0.49 yuan / km. When the protagonist is replaced by an electric car, the average power consumption is 20 kWh / 100 kilometers, then the cost of power consumption is 0.1 yuan per kilometer, so that the difference is not much different, the fuel car is charging There are more than 5 times that of the car electricity.

If you consider this aspect, the advantage of the electric vehicle is really huge. But is the charging truck only needs charging? What are the other use costs? Is there a real information that the electric vehicle of the Net has been saved in a few years?

In fact, the cost of use of fuel vehicles includes oil costs during daily use, as well as daily maintenance costs. Let’s make a probably a reference. A daily household car for about 150,000 yuan, if you count for purchase taxes, vehicle insurance, car boat tax, etc. Other fees, then 6 years, the cost of this car is 184,000 yuan. If you drive a total of 120,000 kilometers in this 6 years, 20,000 kilometers per year, the oil cost is 60,000 yuan, the maintenance cost is calculated by 1000 yuan / thousand kilometers, that is, 12,000 yuan, the total cost is 256,000 yuan.

Then when the vehicle is exchanged to an electric car, what is the cost? The same is calculated by 150,000 vehicle prices. The electric car is exempt from purchase tax, then the vehicle original price plus insurance, car boat tax, etc., 6 years, this part of this part is 174,500 yuan. Also in 6 years to run 120,000 kilometers to calculate, electricity bills need to be 12,000 yuan, maintenance fee is 2400 yuan, then the total cost of electric vehicles in the use of electric vehicles is 188,900 yuan. Such a contrast, it seems that electric vehicles can really save a lot than fuel cars.

But when we sell vehicles, there have been some changes. The value of a gasoline car is calculated in accordance with 45% of 6 years, and the 150,000 yuan vehicle can sell 67,500 yuan when shooting, so the cost of the owner’s total payment in this 6 years is 188,500 yuan. The air depreciation rate of electric vehicles is very high, and the value ratio is only 25%, then the vehicle residual value is only 37500 yuan, then the electric vehicle has a total cost of 151400. In this way, the gap between the two is not so big.

However, as an electric car owner, in my country’s current charging pile layout and charging speed, unless you have your own private charging pile, 6 years have been wasted to charge this thing is much higher than the fuel car owner. time. At the same time, if you are from the northern region of our country, the electric car is more inconvenient in winter, and the endless retaining will also make some owners suffer.

Conclusion, if you do poor money, more than 30,000 yuan is more important to you, or you from the warm southern region, choose an electric car indeed no problem. But when you want to open a more comfortable, you don’t need to worry about the problem that the mileage may break the cliff fall, then a fuel car seems to be the current smartest choice.

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