On February 24, the first two days, BYD mask became the most popular mask in Japanese, a small mask, behind the work, and high quality assurance, after all, Japanese people are so demanding for quality and workmanship.

BYD mask is most popular in Japanese

This selection is from approximately 2,000 categories of processing foods and beverages. It is selected, the amount of gold is full, and it is very authoritative.

Revelling last year of the epidemic period, BYD created “China Mask Myth”: I only used the equipment drawings for 3 days. I only use 7 days to complete the mask to develop manufacturing, at 500,000 m2 factory buildings, built a 2000 production line, specialized Production masks, up to 100 million masks per day, and accidentally become the world’s largest mask producer.

BYD mouth cover production workshop

BYD mouth cover, not only for domestic immunity to transport mask materials, but also exported to all countries in the world, to transport masks for the global cultural overter, and have exported more than 80 countries and regions, so that the world has once again seen the wisdom and efficiency of Chinese people. .

BYD mouth cover

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