A few days ago, the Market Supervision Administration, the Central WeChat Office, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Transport and the Emergency Management Department’s Fire Refrigeration Bureau jointly talk about Tesla, on the abnormal acceleration of consumers, the battery is fire, the vehicle remote upgrade (OTA), etc. Question, requires it to strictly abide by China’s laws and regulations, strengthen internal management, implement corporate quality and safety subject responsibility, effectively safeguard social public safety, and earnestly protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

The lineup is unprecedented, and the problem is serious!

It has been tall, and Tesla, which has been placed. Tesla, finally can’t continue to sleep, and the attitude is “Tesla sincerely accepts the guidance of the government department, and” deeply reflects that the company has insufficient in the operation process, we will fully strengthen self-examination. We Will strictly abide by Chinese laws and regulations and always respect consumer rights. “

I don’t know if I will also be treated in China like the last suspension recall.

For the far away from a rivers and lakes, which step is there, can’t know, unknown! However, I hope that Tesla’s redemption is not to stop after two officials!

It is now a number, the data era, and Tesla is a leader! Tesla’s failure, basically also a digital failure; foreign practice shows that Tesla has mature EDR (Event Data Recorder, accident recorder, commonly known as car black box) system, as long as Tesla is off, such as Foreign practice submit EDR data, solve the problem of abnormal acceleration, battery fire and other issues have a very good basis. In step by step, even if the EDR system is not completely covered with this information, Optimizing EDR is not difficult to optimize EDR. As we all know, many of the data on Tesla vehicles have been uploaded to Tesla in shadow mode, and these security related data have also been columns in digital, Tesla does not reason and have no monitoring; even if there is no monitoring, record, dead sheep, Tesla’s technical capabilities, So Easy!

Second, the five sectors should organize a professional team with trustworthiness to eat new technologies such as EDR systems. At the moment of this technology inflection point, there is only one powerful technical expert team to sustain the madman of Tesla, let Tesla low proud head; there is only one expert in cross-professional, interdisciplinary, cross-car Teams can communicate with Tesla to establish a smooth communication channel.

Again, Tesla’s question is actually a problem that the current new energy, car network, ADAS, and even automatic driving points are common in various disciplines. Tesla is the case, part of the reason is that the gun is playing out of the bird, because it is currently running farthest, the city share is the highest; there is a more important reason is that it is too radical too proud to commit anger. We analyze these questions, should not be vertical, with the treatment of people, the social development; should organize enough technical teams, from the phenomenon of retroactory, and then the direction of correction, guiding the discipline, and the development direction of the industry. This may be the best solution for the current time of this technology inflection point.

Wulong, should be highly scientifically banner, there are scientific laws and scientific law enforcement, and it can take the thoughts at the scientific abutment point; can not flow in the form, the tiger head, become an international laughter!

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