If it is enlarged, it is not difficult to find that BYD does not lack the ability to make a good product, it is the absence of a good ability to continue to do a good one or several products. It is this lack, which has opened its gap between the sales of Geely Great Wall, which also restricted its market status to meet the technical strength as visible.

On the end of the year, this kind of grade is the most dramatic, it must be BYD, the sales price is quite amazing, 700 billion yuan in the market, the first domestic listing car enterprise .

Subsequently, a recorded internal phone meeting record is also exposed to its high-end brand. BYD did not avoid it. It officially announced the latest organizational architecture last week. The original marketing header Zhao Changjiang will be responsible for preparation of high-end brands.

BYD stock price as of BYD, as of press time

This year, BYD changed the new standard and released a new brand slogan.

It didn’t have two days, and the news said that BYD will build a super-couk in which an internal code is R2, and the 100 km accelerate 2 seconds. 9.

Subsequently, in the last weekend, the new energy models developed by BYD and the loose locomotive, officially launched, paying tribute to a beautiful classic sports car Corvit C1.

In addition, as a “flower side”, BYD’s boss Li Ke recently returned 1 million BYD A shares, easy to set up 250 million news, inevitably stabing the people’s fragile spirit at the end of the year.

BYD’s capital

The stock market is rich, high-stricken plus cross-border play, is BYD now “floating”? In the past, these concepts were against BYD.

Some boring technologies, some boring products, some clumsy marketing of rules, and brands that have not been completely getting rid of rustic, may be more in line with the impression of BYD in people.

However, this time, the new energy is now in the policy and capital of the blessing, all the way. BYD as a “把” of autonomous new energy, take off, it is not surprising.

What’s more, the brand is different from many years but have been “mixed” market, and BYD that has been accumulated, and the layout of BYD has indeed accumulated a rich capital.

For example, Han, December, January, and Han continued months last year, more than 30,000 orders were not allowed to be delivered due to production capacity.

After the defeat of Tang Du, Han continued to live 20-300,000 positions. In the internal calls mentioned before, BYD said that the man’s order was not affected by Model 3, “Model S is not much influenced by us as long as it does not drop to the price of Han,” can be said to be a confident.

In the case of brand, marketing, services, Hanne will so hard, basically rely on technology.

Among them, the blade battery can be said to be the traffic of the battery circle last year. Previously, some people may suspect that it is based on BYD and Ningde’s tear X, but with the basic determination of the red flag and modern, plus more olive branches from the outside, the blade battery market prospects are good.

Blade battery

In addition, BYD, which is a battery and electronic business, there is still a lot of layout around “electricity”.

Look at the “Fudi” component company from internal cultivation: Fudi Battery, Fudi Technology, Fudi Vision, Fudi Power, Fudi Mold, basically included the core technology link of new energy. Moreover, most of them have already come out of the BYD internal system, external for other cars, and the strength can be seen.

In addition to Fudi, the BYD, which is very early, the BYD of the IGBT chip, also has semiconductor technology – silicon carbide. On the Han EV, the “High Performance Silicon Carbide MOSFET Motor Control Module” has been started.

At present, BYD is splitting the semiconductor business, and the capital market has also been rubbed on the palm, and still waiting for another wealth feast.

In addition to the results of seeing, the patented query can be found that in the frontier field such as a solid battery, the hub motor, BYD seems to be in silently, and only the time is ripe.

“Junior portal” is not easy

In this way, there is a core technology, there is a powerful supply chain, and there is a new energy Dongfeng, BYD is favored everywhere, and even wants to go up, it is normal. After all, there is no foundation of the foundation, you can stand in the high-end market. There is no high-end traditional car enterprise in new energy, and it is also busy to launch high-end brands. BYD with strength is also worth it, does not do high-end seeming to say something.

However, if you do high-end, you must have another portal, and even if you are running, it is worth discussing.

At present, although BYD recognizes the existence of high-end brands, it did not disclose more. In the previous information, more nouns mentioned are “EV2.0 Platform” and “Dolphins”, so many people think that the new brand or new brand is called dolphins. But now, “Dolphin” is more likely to upgrade the existing E-net products, making it more in line with the taste of young people, playing the role of entry-level products.

From the “EV2.0 Platform”, you can see some clues. BYD mentioned that this platform is more versatile and increases domain controllers. The former means that whether it is a dolphin or a subsequent high-end brand, it is possible based on the same platform. The latter shows that the new platform may break through the electrical and electrical architecture, helping BYD makes up for the pre-intelligent short board.

In fact, this is also a problem that BYD must face the high-end brand. From the current climate, the power of electricity is relaxed, and the story of smart, the brand is increasingly difficult.

BYD’s Dilink and Dipilot are standardized products based on maturity, it is practical enough but it is difficult to pick. After cooperation with Huawei, the subsequent expects will be fully close to the latter in the car and the automatic driving, whether it can establish enough differentiation to support high-end brands, or unknown.

Not intelligent, electricity is coming together. With a deep accumulation of the electrified electricity, it can easily make the performance ultimate. This is not necessarily not available, but it is possible to ban himself for the selection. Moreover, general electric vehicle power is excessive, even if it goes over, it is difficult to say how big leaps.

In addition, since it is a high-end brand, it is the user’s communication and service, but both will not be in BYD’s strength. It is rumored that the BYD executives believe that the existing dealer’s ability is unable to support the “hardware and service of hardware and service” required by the high-end brand, and it must be stoveted to recruit new investors and build new channels.

Just, the “high level” on the hardware is not difficult to stop; the senior sense of “software” is not easy.

Why don’t you first “clean up the portal”?

In the end, the door to the door is doing high-end, and it is definitely a difficult thing. But as long as it is clear, dare to invest, and naturally have a hope.

The real problem is that BYD is in the eyes, is it really necessary to expect?

The previous Tang, the current Han, have been proven to some extent, depending on the hard product force, BYD has the ability to extend this brand to the middle and high end.

The key is how the continuity is.

After the Tang Jia family experienced the scenery of 2019, the Tang family has been attributed to silence. The opening of the Han is amazing, but it is necessary to observe it.

Even if it is enlarged, it is not difficult to find that BYD does not lack the ability to make a good product, it is exactly the ability to continuously do a good one or several products. It is this lack, which has opened its gap between the sales of Geely Great Wall, which also restricted its market status to meet the technical strength as visible.

The reason is that most of them are not in the product itself, while in a slightly strange product and brand sequence.

BYD’s essence in the dynasty series, Qin, Han, Tang, Song, Yuan. The problem is that with the product iteration and new product, each Dynasty is getting more and more like a big pocket, all ignorant and there is no regularity, is a product name confused behavior.

For example, Qin family has Qin, Qin PRO and immediately listed, Qin Plus, Song family has Song, Song PRO, Song Plus and Song Max, plus most models and new energy, new energy is also separated ( DM) and electric (EV), so complicated, I am afraid “everyone to find 茬” full-level players can’t.

It is not difficult to understand the intentions of all Dynasties. The problem is that the implementation is too tumbling, and there is not so much marketing resources to dominate. Therefore, once a certain period of time focuses on a certain product, other products quickly pull. After all, there has been a surplus market, and consumers have not patiently do too much identification and identification.

Even the Dynasty series itself is not the correct posture for the future, and is also awaited. Biased, the air painting wind, how to see the orientation of the people in the current car purchase. Especially considering that BYD’s cornerstone is more like this.

It is naturally involved in the distinction between fuel trains and new energy. Obviously, BYD’s popularity benefits from new energy, but maintaining the current market status is inseparable from Fuel. After all, the latter still occupies a slightly over half of the sales tray, it is difficult to cut. Products such as F3 are still selling, you can see the entanglement of BYD.

However, the more the outside world is hot, the more urgent needs of the brand and new energy, the more embarrassed the situation of the fuel car. The Qin Plus based on the DM-I platform has already played the flag of “fuel stroller”, which may reveal the determination of BYD.

From this point of view, it is more necessary to “clean the portal” compared to the difficulty of taking it, it needs to be “clean-up portal”, and pick up the existing products and brand sequences, the left, the throwing throw, should And.

In this way, the market performance may be more superior, and the high-end is no longer a dream.

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